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10 Best Cheesecakes from Around the World

Cheesecake comes in many different tasty styles from all over the world. Each region adds its unique touch to this favorite dessert. From the dense richness of the New York style to the airy lightness of a Japanese soufflé, the world of cheesecakes is as varied as it is delicious. Let’s look at 10 different types of cheesecakes you should try!

1. Japanese Cheesecake

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Usually dusted in powdered sugar, this dessert boasts a light, fluffy, and sponge-like texture. It’s a delicate balance between traditional cheesecake and airy chiffon cake. Whipped egg whites are the secret behind this cloud-like consistency. 

2. Italian Cheesecake

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What separates this cheesecake from others is the ricotta cheese used as Italian cheesecake’s primary ingredient. This creates a unique, slightly grainy yet moist texture. Citrus zest or candied fruit are often added for a vibrant flavor twist. It’s a rustic nod to Italy’s rich culinary history.

3. New York-Style Cheesecakes

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Arguably the king of cheesecakes, New York-style cheesecakes are traditionally made with a crushed graham cracker crust, a filling with cream cheese, sour cream, or heavy cream, and sometimes fresh berries or fruit compotes adorn the top of the cake. 

4. German Cheesecake (Käsekuchen)

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Using quark, a type of fresh cheese, German cheesecake is light and less sweet.  It usually rests on a yeast-based crust. A pinch of vanilla or lemon zest enhances its essence. It is often served plain or with a fruit layer.

5. Greek Cheesecake

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Distinctly Mediterranean, Greek cheesecake incorporates mizithra or feta for a tangy texture. Topped with honey and using citrus are common. It’s usually denser than other European varieties. 

6. Russian Chocolate Cheesecake

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Sometimes referred to as curd cake, it combines tvorog (farmer’s cheese) with the indulgent depth of cocoa. This desert boasts a velvety texture and rich chocolate flavor, accentuated occasionally by vanilla or fruit preserve notes. 

7. Polish Cheesecake (Sernik)

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With twarog (quark cheese) at its heart, Polish cheesecake is creamy and crumbly. It usually has a crushed cookies or pastry base, sometimes topped with a lattice pattern. Raisins and a hint of vanilla or rum are traditional additions. It’s a desert that resonates with Polish festive occasions. 

8. Australian Cheesecake

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Like New York-style cheesecake, Australian cheesecake is considered lighter, often showcasing a creamy, mousse-like texture. Its biscuit-based crust provides a delightful contrast and frequently features local flavors such as passionfruit, mango, or macadamia nuts. 

9. Brazilian Cheesecake

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Tropical vibes and a creamy base transport the cheesecake to Brazil, where vibrant flavors and textures converge. This type of cheesecake typically integrates guava paste or marmalade, infusing each bite with a distinctive sweet-tangy profile. Enveloped in this luscious fusion, the Brazilian cheesecake stands as a testament to the country’s ability to blend tradition with tropical flair seamlessly. 

10. French-style Cheesecake

French Cheesecake
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French-style cheesecake is generally lighter than its American counterpart. It’s often made with cream cheese and a more delicate dairy ingredient like yogurt or fromage blanc, giving it a smoother and more mousse-like texture.

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