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Kitchen Controversy: The 10 Most Polarizing Acts in Culinary Arts

Some of us have a set of morals regarding the kitchen; others, however, throw caution to the wind. Be warned: there are some kitchen cowboys and cowgirls out there — they may live near you! A recent online post shows a group of them revealing their most significant kitchen crimes.

1. Deep Frying While Shirtless

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Our first commenter is aggrieved that anyone wouldn’t want to watch him frying food in the kitchen with his shirt off. “The neighbors seem put off by it and keep saying things like ‘please get out of my house.'” We have all heard of bareback riders, but bareback fryers? I can see this as a trend on TikTok for sure.

2. No Measure for Me

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“I don’t measure anything when it comes to spices,” reveals the next culinary felon. “What the heck is a half-teaspoon of cumin?” Like music, not everybody is born with a natural skill in cooking, so maybe they should consider a different pastime. It depends on the meal: if you over or under-season a recipe, it ruins everything.

3. Knife Crime

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Anybody who adheres to top chef standards knows you should use the opposite ridge of the blade to scrape your chopped food away. However, some people are knife abusers. “I sometimes scrape things off the cutting board with the sharp edge of the knife,” says one such assailant. “I’m a monster, I know.” I just hope your knives are not expensive — those poor things.

4. Whatever Works

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I preheat the oven using the broiler. Four minutes, and I’ve got 350° F when I’m ready for it,” declares an oven rebel. “Probably not the best technique, but whatever.” It’s not the best technique if you don’t wish to burn the oven shelves, though I admire the innovative spirit.

5. I Can’t Believe It’s Soft Butter!

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“I leave a stick of butter out at room temperature for daily use,” notes the next guilty party. “It really bothers some people.” As long as it is covered up, butter is fine for an hour or two, but why leave it out if you aren’t using it? Nevertheless, as a fan of real butter on my toast, I will give this butter pariah the benefit of the doubt.

6. Over Over Easy

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“I overcook all my eggs,” concedes an egg destroyer. “I just don’t like the gross, creamy eggs that are supposed to be done. I cook them till they’re rubbery because I like rubbery eggs.” I will concede alongside this egg cynic that underdone sunny-side-up eggs are disgusting, so I see where they come from. Over-easy eggs are the truth.

7. Let Potatoes Stay Clothed

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“I refuse to peel potatoes when making mashed potatoes,” says a tuber rebel. I don’t get it; do they just mash the skins into the mix? I am confused. I don’t consider myself a purist in how one should prepare potatoes for mashing; even the microwave can produce results if you are in a hurry. However, who can abide by skins in their mash?

8. Out of Sight; Out of Mind

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“Every once in a while, I put the dirty pan or pans in the oven,” admits a home chef who gets tired after cooking for their family. “I clean them in the morning, and no one knows.” I hate coming into a dirty kitchen in the morning, though I also hate cleaning dishes after a big meal. Here’s a tip for this selfless cook — tell whoever is eating your food to clean them.

9. Garlic Granule Heresy

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“The only time I’ll work with fresh garlic is if I’m making a special dinner when having company over or if I’m roasting a whole head of garlic,” notes someone who teeters on the brink of garlic heresy. To be fair, I might be known to use dried garlic grains in my guacamole, which gives the dip a mellow finish, I feel. Sue us!

10. Wanted for High Treason

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The next contributor is lucky I haven’t made a brisk phone call to the British Consulate. “A very British scandal: milk in first, with a tea bag, whilst I wait for (the) water to boil,” confesses my rather lost British compatriot. Milk first — how dare you besmirch our national drink in this manner, sir! I declare an international English citizen’s arrest!

Source: Reddit.

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