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10 Positive Relationship Green Flags You Shouldn’t Overlook

In relationships, many people focus on the red flags to avoid; it’s an understandable practice that enables men and women to identify potential problematic mates. However, in a recent online discussion, people theorize that focusing on the green flags in an early relationship is better! Here are ten positive green flags that nobody should ever overlook when searching for love.

1. Able To Engage in Healthy Conflict

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Consider yourself lucky if you find yourself with someone who can engage in conflict healthily. People like that are hard to find! “Being able to have healthy conflict without fear that conflict will cause the end of the relationship,” one woman confesses. “It’s a green flag (and a relief) to have natural disagreements and communication about those disagreements without constant fear that someone’s going to hit the nuclear option.”

2. Special Dates and Times Get Remembered

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Having your birthday, anniversary, or otherwise special day go by without a mention from your boyfriend or girlfriend can be a relationship killer. Finding someone who cherishes those special days, remembers them, and plans a memorable activity around them is the ultimate green flag! How people stay in relationships where these days are routinely forgotten is beyond my understanding.

3. Regular Laughter

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The ultimate green flag is arguably a great sense of humor. Who doesn’t want someone who can find humor in everything? “Laughing is probably the best thing you can do in the world and my favorite thing,” reveals one woman. “One of my high school teachers told me, ‘If you can’t find something to laugh about each day, what’s the point of waking up?’ — that always stuck with me.” Sounds like a fantastic teacher!

4. You Don’t Feel the Need To Snoop

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In 2023, there isn’t a better indicator of a healthy relationship than when neither individual feels the need to snoop through the other’s phone or computer. I’ve been in a handful of relationships where I felt a jealous individual infringed upon my privacy, which always ended in disaster! Everyone should search for a relationship built on trust; it’s a slippery slope when one or both sides feel like things are being hidden from them.

5. Taking Your Recommendations Into Account

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As someone who constantly recommends music to my girlfriend, I can attest to her giving my suggestions a listen as an unequivocably wonderful feeling! “The best green flag is when you recommend them a book or movie, and they actually take the time to check it out,” admits one man. “It shows they are invested in your interests and shows consideration.”

6. They Trust You To Stay at Their Apartment Alone

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Ask around: There’s no better indicator of trust than being allowed to hang out in their home without you! Whether a teenager or an adult, being trusted to be in your personal space without them is one of the most significant green flags. For many men and women, relationships enter a new phase when this happens. I remember the first time I hung out at my girlfriend’s apartment without her; I felt a new era was upon me.

7. Mutual Interest in Seeing Each Other

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For many early relationships, mutual interest is the name of the game! Any burgeoning love will be smoother if there’s interest from both parties. “She’s a keeper if she shows equal interest in hanging out with you,” explains one man. “If it feels like you’re dragging them into going on a date, they’re not into you, no matter what they may say. Besides, let’s be honest: Wouldn’t you rather date someone as excited and interested in seeing you as you are in seeing them?”

8. They Support Your Goals and Dreams

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Part of being in a relationship is knowing you’re not alone, and having a supportive partner goes a long way toward feeling like a team instead of two individuals. If you’re supporting your significant other’s hopes, dreams, and goals unconditionally, congratulations! You’re already well on your way to a successful relationship.

9. You Genuinely Put Them First

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While putting your significant other on a pedestal is sometimes unwise, there’s nothing wrong with genuinely putting them first! Countless people confess being someone’s priority makes them see a future they otherwise may not see. “You want your partner to be happy and not the other way around,” advises one woman. “Often people want to be in a relationship to make themselves happy solely, but that’s a recipe for disaster.”

10. They Put the Shopping Cart Back

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Arguably, the greenest flag of all is also the most straightforward! Here’s the easiest way to tell if your significant other is a great person: They return the shopping cart correctly! Many men and women admit that witnessing their partner not returning the shopping cart turns out to be the tip of the iceberg that shows who they are.

Source: Reddit.

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