Griswold Cast Iron

Griswold Cast Iron

Griswold cast iron products are popular and valued because they’re some of the finest quality vintage cookware available. The Griswold Manufacturing Company doesn’t exist today so Griswold products are rare, increasing their value.

Griswold Cast Iron History

Griswold Cast Iron History

The Seldon-Griswold Manufacturing Company was established in 1865 in Erie, Pennsylvania, by Matthew Griswold and his two cousins. The company made light hardware products including butt hinges, thimbles, and stovepipe dampeners.

In the 1870s, the Griswold Manufacturing Company began making pots, skillets, waffle irons, and grinding mills. In 1887, Matthew Griswold bought the Seldon family’s interests, and the company was renamed the “Griswold Manufacturing Company.”

The company dominated the cookware manufacturing industry in the US and became well known for its high-quality cast iron products. In the 1940s the company struggled to compete with manufacturers that offered more modern products, and in 1957 the Erie factory closed.

Types of Griswold Cast Iron Cookware

Types of Griswold Cast Iron Cookware

Griswold’s most well-known products are cast iron skillets and pans. The company also sold pots of different sizes, grinding mills, dutch ovens, stovetop waffle irons, roasters, and a gridiron.

The earliest and most successful Griswold cast iron cookware product was the stove-top waffle iron, which was manufactured in the 1930s.

Griswold Logo and Identification

The Griswold cross-shaped logo has changed over the years. Because a particular logo design tells the age of the product, you can determine the value of a Griswold skillet by researching its logo on the internet.

The original Griswold logo had the italicized word “Griswold” at the center of a cross. This logo was seen on products manufactured throughout the 1910s. In the 1920s and 1930s, the writing on the logo was changed to block lettering. In the 1940s, the cross logo became much smaller than the original.

Collectible Griswold Cast Iron in the Kitchen

Griswold Cast Iron collectibles

Griswold cast iron cookware is designed to withstand high temperatures for a long time, so this cookware is more energy-saving than other cookware materials. Griswold products are lighter than cast iron cookware produced today, so they’re more practical and can be used skillfully with one hand.

When the company’s cookware was introduced, kitchens were much smaller than they are now. Griswold pans were deeper than the pans of today, allowing people to use their Griswold products as frying pans and cooking pots. The pans were safe for use over a variety of heat sources, including on an open flame, an old-fashioned wood stove, and an electric burner.

Cooking food in cast iron Griswold cookware improves the taste of the dish by providing a dry, even heat that sears and caramelizes foods quickly and completely.

The company’s cast iron cookware is still highly valued by chefs for its ease of use and cooking-enhancing features. The durable design of Griswold cast iron pans enables them to last for decades if properly looked after.

Why Is Rare Vintage Griswold Cast Iron Popular Among Collectors?

Rare Vintage Griswold Cast Iron

Vintage Griswold cast iron cookware is rare, and no new products are being made today. A vintage skillet in excellent condition is still easy to clean and use.

Perhaps the biggest value of Griswold products is that their value will only increase with time. This cast iron is durable and remains in exceptional condition when properly looked after.

Griswold products aren’t designed to be simply admired — most collectors use their pans and skillets for cooking at home.

Iron Griswold Cast Iron Prices

Several factors affect the price of a Griswold skillet. The condition of the pan affects its price. A rusty skillet needs to be restored because the rust may hide faults, like pitting and hairline cracks. Because of these imperfections, rusty skillets have a lower value than those in peak conditions.

The logo on the skillet also determines the cookware price. Skillets that have logos with large block or large slant lettering are generally more expensive than skillets with small block logos. This is because the skillets with small logos don’t have the same desirable old-world character as the original Griswold skillets with large logos.

On eBay, Griswold skillets sell at prices from $30 to $4,500. The most valuable skillets are the earliest family skillets, which sell for more than $1,000 apiece.

Griswold products with a heat ring are generally more collectible and more expensive than products without one because heat rings are found on the earliest skillets. Cracked, warped, scratched, or fire-damaged skillets aren’t as valuable as skillets with no faults. You can find all the information you need and determine the price of a skillet by using a Griswold cast iron price guide.

Key Takeaways

Griswold cast iron kitchenware is highly valued amongst chefs and collectors due to its quality build and durability. The original cast iron skillets, with large logos, are more sought-after. Small-logo skillets were manufactured towards the end of the Griswold Manufacturing Company’s existence and have a lower value. Regardless of age, all Griswold products are equally high-quality and wonderful kitchen tools to add to a cooking enthusiast’s collection.

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