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10 Foods That Shine at Every Meal of the Day

Do you have a specific culinary item you add to every dish? Is there an ingredient you factor into every meal because it fits every plate? I favor embellishing each meal with a sprinkle of cheese: feta, cheddar, or gorgonzola. An online forum of foodies sharing their favorite foods they enjoy at each hour of the day.

1. Potatoes

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Add the starch to your omelet for a hearty start to the day, or enjoy paprika-seasoned home fries on the side of your main breakfast dish. For lunch, sprinkle some rosemary over olive oil grilled potatoes, and feast on a baked (or twice baked) potato crisped to perfection for dinner.

2. Pizza

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I know a few people who eat pizza at every meal when they have it. They order the pizza one weekday night, adore the fresh, steamy, cheesy concoction, and throw the leftovers in the fridge. When they wake up the next day, they head straight to the fridge for a slice of cold pizza.

3. Bread

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Munch on white bread, rye bread, or wheat bread toast at the most important meal of the day, consume a sandwich with multi-grain bread for a midday meal and dine on a French baguette with your main course during dinner. Making your own bread from scratch is entertaining to enjoy with fellow foodies.

4. Rice

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Rice works well with those who practice diets heavy in carbs. For example, athletes who expend a lot of energy feast on breakfast in the morning to prepare their bodies with the necessary nutrients. Eating rice for lunch helps the body metabolize other ingredients, and pairing rice with lean meat like chicken restores the body with essential nutrients.

5. Pie

Apple Pie
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Chefs make anything into a pie. Have leftover meat in the fridge? Throw them into a pie, get your hands on old veggies, and make a veggie Shepherd’s pie. Hankering for a sweet treat, add some fruit to a pie crust. Respondents write that chicken pot pie, pizza, and dessert pies all exist under the pie umbrella.

6. Eggs

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Besides potatoes, eggs were a popular response for food that works at every meal. One person writes they enjoy adding a fried egg to anything they eat. Ramen, toast, hashbrowns, fried rice, or flatbreads. Chomp on scrambled eggs in the morning, have an egg salad sandwich for lunch, and end the night’s feast with a fried egg atop your choice of meat or soup.

7. Fruit

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I’ve eaten fruit with most meals since I was a kid. I will never stop hungering for a fruit salad as a side at restaurants and grimacing when they give me a bowl of honeydew. I drink a protein smoothie for breakfast, full of strawberries, bananas, and protein powder, slice some watermelon or cantaloupe for lunch, and chew on half of a grapefruit with dinner. Raspberry or mango sorbet is a superior dessert compared to chocolate cakes or cookies.

8. Avocado

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Avocados gained notoriety and a cult following within the past two decades and for great reason. The squishy, sometimes slimy, never ripe, yet always ripe fruit complements toast, works well in salads, and adds a fair portion of protein and nutrients to poke bowls, burrito bowls, and virtually any dinner dish you can dream of.

9. Tacos

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Tacos are similar to pies. Toss any leftover items in a tortilla, and voila! You’ve created a mouthwatering, flavorful taco perfect for every occasion and at any hour of the day. Foodies relish in breakfast tacos stuffed with sausage and eggs; taco enthusiasts fancy traditional tacos topped with meats and veggies. In contrast, Americanized taco fans prefer cheese, lettuce, guacamole, and other toppings to cement their corn or flour tortilla formation.

10. Cheese

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A user types their response, admitting to their fondness for the universe’s delicious dairy delicacy. “Cheese. I can’t think of a lot of things cheese wouldn’t be good on.” Another respondent follows this statement: “I had a pear and blue cheese ice cream that was just incredible.”

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