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Foodie Flashbacks: 10 Beloved Discontinued Items We’re Eager To See Return

Is there a discontinued snack you enjoyed in childhood that you think of every so often? Did Baked Doritos grab your heart and break it once the company refused to restock the shelves? Or were you more into Trix Yogurt, and you grew saddened when your guardian no longer brought home the artificially-colored dairy treat? A popular internet thread speaks about the childhood snacks they miss the most.

1. Yogos

Yogurt fruit candy
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These yogurt-coated fruit bites delighted every kid everywhere. Though we still don’t remember if they all boasted different or the same flavor, Yogos contained high sugar levels, hooking the kids and forcing the company to discontinue the fan-favorite snack.

2. Stackerz

Fruit roll up
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Fruit Roll-Ups introduced a kid-friendly, fun snack in a different format featuring the same Fruit Roll-Up Flavors. Stackerz came on a folded paper cookie sheet, and kids unraveled the paper, ripped off the fruit delight, and stacked them together. My best friend loved smashing the pieces and eating them as a candy burger.

3. Baked Doritos

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For some reason, every edible item has three variations of Flamin’ Hot Cheeto dust sprinkled over it, but you will never find another Baked Dorito anywhere. Baked Doritos offered a delicious, lighter, cheesier, healthier version of the nacho-flavored snack.

4. Cinnamon Sun Chips

Sun Chips
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Cinnamon Sun Chips tasted less like the healthy multigrain chip they’re branded as and more like a delectable churro. Each chip brimmed with cinnamon sugar and satiated anyone who tried the crunchy snack. The company also discontinued the Sweet Potato and Brown Sugar Sun Chip.

5. Milk N Cereal Bars

Cereal bar with milk chocolate
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Every kid in my elementary school bragged if they had a Milk N Cereal Bar in their lunchbox or if they indulged in the backward breakfast treat that morning. Milk n Cereal Bars flipped the breakfast formula and put a layer of a milky substance in between sweetened cereal for a granola bar-esque snack.

6. Jell-O Pudding Bites

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I could not get enough of Jell-O pudding bites once I tried them. Unbeknownst to me, I had no idea what these snacks were called or where I could get them. I only knew I ate too many packages of them on a plane once before they were discontinued.

7. Trix Yogurt

Yoplait Gogurt
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One way to get a child to eat yogurt is to market it as a sweet-tasting treat with a silly rabbit attached to the packaging. Yoplait bought into the Trix marketing scheme and sold the “healthy” treat to millions of families, yet it disappeared without warning. Now, kids either cling to Gogurt or Chobani Flips.

8. Ritz Bits S’mores

Ritz Bits sandwiches
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Ritz Bits S’mores were the best flavor out of all the cracker combinations occupying the grocery store shelves. A half lather of chocolate spread met with a half lather of smooth marshmallow spread for a delectable, salty, sweet bite of heaven. These snacks fell off the shelves in 2016.

9. Reese’s Peanut Butter and Banana Cups

Reese’s peanut butter cup
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Reese honored Elvis for one year with the release of Reese’s Peanut Butter and Banana Cups. The orange candy featured an image of Elvis and paid homage to his obsession with combining peanut butter and bananas on sandwiches.

10. Pizzarias

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Keebler fashioned a chip after one of the most beloved foods in the world: pizza. The triangular snacks sold three flavors: Cheese Pizza, Pizza Supreme, and Zesty Pepperoni, and Keebler made each chip out of fresh pizza dough, explaining the popularity.

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