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Age-Proof Your Health: 12 Essential Tips for a Vibrant Youth and Beyond

In today’s world, you can get almost everything you want if you have the money for it — almost everything except your health. Once you decide to be carefree about it, it is extremely easy to fall into unhealthy patterns and develop life-long illnesses. Here are 12 essential tips for a vibrant youth and beyond shared by members of an online forum.

1. Exercise

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This is the first thing anyone talks about regarding physical and mental health. Humans are not built to sit for extended amounts of time and stay indoors, although, unfortunately, that is what the 21st-century lifestyle has become. To remain active and retain the flexibility of your muscles, you must begin working out. While the sound of that may scare most of you, you don’t have to start with something difficult. Do what works best for you. Go for a walk, join a gym, run, swim, cycle, or just dance around to your favorite tunes. Ease into the routine; your body will thank you endlessly.

2. Track Your Diet

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Users mention tracking your diet is an excellent way to know what goes in your body daily. You may do this manually by writing it down in a notebook or downloading an app that helps you do so. However, as one member who developed an eating disorder from this points out, you must be careful with this. Don’t become hyper-focused on the amount you take down to the milligram, as it may become counterproductive.

3. Drink More Water

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Up to 60% of your body is made up of water. This substance has various significant roles, like maintaining your ideal body temperature, protecting your joints by providing lubrication, bringing nutrients to your cells, and flushing out toxins.  A plus point is that your skin will begin to glow as water improves the complexion of your skin. A hydrated body is the goal!

4. Brush Your Teeth

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You may think this is an obvious tip, but you would be surprised by how many people go daily without doing this primary task. Brushing your teeth daily is essential and must not be skipped for any reason. It doesn’t take too long before your cavities show up, and leaving those untreated soon leads to a root canal. And if you delay that, you’re looking at a dental implant. So make sure to “scrub them bones.”

5. Cut Out Carbs

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We love carbs, and sometimes it feels like we can’t live without them. To some extent, this nutrient is good for us. However, our diets today are 90% dependent on it. Limiting your processed sugar and carb intake is essential to attain your ideal body and overall health. A user shares, “I used to be 135 pounds. Three years later, I’m up to 200 pounds.” They find it easy to let themselves go in America because of access to McDonald’s, Burger King, Popeyes, and more. We have become so surrounded by easily accessible snacks that eating is almost like a reflex. You might be munching without any hunger.

6. Keto

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A member suggests trying the Keto diet if you’re incredibly overweight and looking to make drastic changes. They mention trying it out themselves and have so far been able to lose 15 pounds in one month. Not only this, but they “feel more energetic and physically stronger than I ever have.” However, seeking professional advice is recommended.

7. Intermittent Fasting

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Here’s another method of dropping significant fat from your body. To follow, you must prohibit eating any food during a substantial chunk of the day and can only eat during certain allotted hours. One mentions that the 16-hour fast and 8-hour window for eating works best for them. Research proves the many benefits of fasting: improved blood pressure, weight loss, mental clarity, sleep, etc.

8. Sleeping Schedule

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“Make yourself wake up at a certain time every day and go to sleep at a certain time every day.” We are all victims of a concept known as “social jetlag.” This is when you get less sleep during the weekdays and end up making up for it during the weekends. Unfortunately, today’s lifestyle is focused on “hustling” and has led people to mistakenly believe this is the ideal. You must train yourself to sleep according to your circadian rhythms; sleep when it’s dark outside and wake up at dawn. Such discipline in your routine will take you a long way.

9. Journal Jottings

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Sometimes, living inside your mind can become too much. A user shares to keep a journal. You can use this to let out your thoughts, emotions, or feelings. It helps calm the racing energy in your mind and make sense of your thoughts.

10. Certified Nutritionist

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It doesn’t hurt to visit a qualified nutritionist to get a diet well-suited to your needs. You may unknowingly be intolerant to gluten or lactose, impacting your overall health. Visiting a professional can help educate you on what works best for your body.

11. Protein Power

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This tip is especially for you if you have uncontrollable cravings throughout the day that make you want to devour anything close to you. Protein is vital for our body. It has many roles, such as renewing our cells, building our muscles, and boosting our metabolism. But the best part about this nutrient is that it helps control your cravings! It can be found in many foods, such as eggs, lentils, meat, quinoa, greek yogurt, and fish. There’s no need to starve yourself when you can eat well-balanced meals.

12. Relax

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And finally, make sure to go easy on yourself through this journey. You are only in competition with yourself and no one else. A member says, “You will get there with time and determination.” Just remember to “keep it simple, keep it fun.”

Source: Reddit.

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