12 Polite Strategies for Turning Down Alcohol

We live in a culture obsessed with drinking. From shift drinks to partying on the weekends to having open bars at every family gathering or celebration, people love alcohol. Existing as a sober or a sober curious individual warrants difficulties and awkward talks, especially with the constant pressure to consume alcohol, but there are dependable sayings to kindly decline offerings of alcohol if you do not wish to partake.

1. I’m Sober

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Alerting others of your sobriety status should ward off any beseeching from others. Even if you don’t maintain a sober status daily, mentioning sobriety should be enough for others to respect your boundaries and wishes.

2. I’m Driving

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Designated drivers originated to combat drunk driving accidents and incidents. If something happens, at least one person has a sound mind and can deal with anything thrown at them. If someone pressures you to drink, say you are the designated driver and must be on high alert for your friends. People tend to back off once you assume the role of driver.

3. I’m Allergic

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Someone who has an allergy to alcohol states their method for negating drinking each time someone asks them to – “As someone allergic (to hops though, not the alcohol), I say, ‘No thanks unless you are paying for a trip to the ER?’ Works every time.”

4. Makes Me Break Out

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Jesters in the thread claim that drinking alcohol makes them break out in handcuffs, court appearances, and police cars. Unless you’re looking for trouble and excitement to keep the party alive, why would you invite that kind of attention to your social gathering?

5. I’m on Medication

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You don’t have to explain which medication you’re on or why, but divulging medication use makes others stop peer-pressuring you to indulge in libations. State your medications and alcohol don’t mix well or the repercussions aren’t pleasant. The host will fetch you a lemonade.

6. Alcohol Doesn’t Agree With Me

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Who doesn’t have stomach issues these days? When a friend or acquaintance offers you a drink, smile at them and let them know you and alcohol don’t get along. A user adds alcohol, and his wife share a toxic bond. “She can’t metabolize any alcohol. She’s never been drunk, only immediately and painfully hungover.” He writes, “pushy alcoholics” leave them alone following that statement.

7. The Doctor Advised Against It

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Envision this scenario. Melanie grabs a beer and goes to hand it to you. You don’t want to reject her niceties, but you also don’t participate in imbibing alcohol, so what do you do? Inform her your doctor warned you to lay off the alcohol to protect your liver.

8. I Have To Be Up Early

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I can’t name a single person who enjoys having a hangover during an early morning work shift. Maybe you drink on the weekends or special occasions, but never on the night before an 8 a.m. shift. Perhaps you’re capable of partying into daybreak sans alcohol, so you can show up to work with groggy eyes but no glaring headache.

9. I Don’t Like the Taste

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Many thread members say they despise the taste of alcohol, so if a friend or family member insists they drink, they respond with the same urgency about the taste. Everyone has something they don’t enjoy the taste of, so this should be understandable.

10. I Don’t Drink After Last Time

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Here’s a scare tactic to repel any relentless party-goers. Bring up the grave situation the last time you drank and how you can’t allow yourself to repeat any of those actions.

11. I Sleep Better When I Don’t Drink

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Quality sleep each night improves mental, physical, and overall well-being. For some individuals, alcohol alters their sleep quality and leads to bouts of depression, mental health lows, or sickness — if this happens to you, let your friends know you don’t want to influence your sleeping schedule and would instead remain sober.

12. No.

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“No” is a complete sentence and a valid response to declining alcohol. Unfortunately, swaths of people don’t accept no for an answer and continue to pressure others to drink after asserting their reluctance. If someone continues to pressure you to drink after saying no, repeat it until they leave you alone, walk away, or ask for a glass of water.

Source: Reddit.

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