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Best Healthy Snacks For Watching Outdoor Movies

So, you’ve decided to have a family evening at home with your favorite movie all set up to go. The kids are lounging on bean bags and you have moved the sofa outside so that your home movie experience is even better than the fanciest of cinemas!

A must-have for movies as we all know is snacks! Lots of them and as tasty as possible. But after a day of BBQ and ice-cream, indulging everyone with yet more sugar and salt is just not what you want to give the family, especially before bed! Let’s face it, hyped-up children after a sugar rush does not make for a good night’s sleep and the much-needed lie in you have promised your self tomorrow.

Never fear, help is at hand with these healthy treats that everyone will enjoy, and, more importantly, won’t mean you spending hours in the kitchen. These snacks are great for outdoor movies, indoor nights with family, or even as food for camping!

You can even bring a portable electric stove wherever you’re watching to heat up food or cook quick snacks!

Popcorn – Everyone’s Movie Favorite

Popcorn is a healthy treat that everyone loves but it doesn’t have to be boring. Buy the best popcorn kernels you can find and liven up this movie night special with combinations of flavor everyone will love.

For the adults, mix a teaspoon of each of these in a bowl (chipotle, garlic salt, onion powder, and chili powder) then toss the popcorn in until those little mouthfuls of joy are covered in a light tasty dusting.  

For kids, use the same method but toss the popcorn in a little vanilla and cinnamon sugar to just add that hint of sweetness.  At under 100 calories a serving, you can’t go wrong!

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Fruit Kebabs – Fun to Eat and Easy to Make

Presenting delicious fruits in this fun way makes even the fussiest child. Cut up your family’s favorite fruits and simply thread on to skewers. Pop a marshmallow in the middle and you have a healthy snack that not only looks good but is super tasty and very low calorie.

Kale Crisps – You’ll Become an Addict!

Kale has a massive rise in popularity over the past few years. This once-neglected vegetable is now recognized as a superfood and incredibly versatile. 

To make the perfect healthy movie snack, toss kale in a pan of low-fat heated oil and just add a pinch of table or garlic salt. Once crisp, toss in a little onion powder and you’ll have a quick and delicious snack which will become a firm family favorite.

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Watermelon – But With a Twist

Watermelon is delicious by itself as a great snack but have you ever tried it with cheese? Believe it or not, this is a great combination. 

Don’t go for a yellow cheese but rather a white cheese such as feta. Cut the cheese and watermelon into cubes and pop a piece of each onto a cocktail stick to make even movie night feel like an occasion.

So, now you’re all set for a great night in or lounging in your garden. To make sure your experience is as good as it can be, check out this site for the very best movie projectors.

Have fun!

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