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10 Odd Food Duos That Create Flavor Magic

Finding new flavor combinations that tickle your taste buds is always exciting. Some people think duos like bananas and bacon or goat cheese and strawberries are weird, but those are just child’s play. Check out ten surprisingly tasty and truly wild food pairings, according to some unorthodox online foodies.

1. Hot Chocolate and Onion Rings

Hot Chocolate and Onion Rings
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Hot chocolate is a delicious sweet treat. Onion rings are a heavy, fried delight. Putting them together seems strange, but some swear this combination is heavenly. Both hot chocolate and onion rings are decadent items, so maybe they go together like French fries and chocolate shakes do!

2. Bagels and Mayonnaise

Bagels and Mayonnaise
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Bagels are a yummy vessel for various spreads, including butter, cream cheese, jam, jelly, and peanut butter. But some people dare to spread mayonnaise, an eggy, oily spread, on their bagels. As a massive mayo fan, I’m interested but not fully convinced that this is a good combination.

3. Blue Cheese and White Chocolate

Blue Cheese and White Chocolate
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This is a wild pairing. White chocolate and blue cheese are two distinct flavors that can be tricky to pair with other foods, so throwing them together feels chaotic. As hard as I try to imagine what this combination would taste like, my brain won’t let me go there. But fans of this duo swear it’s unbelievably wonderful.

4. Peanut Butter and Bologna

Peanut Butter and Bologna
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Peanut butter is one of those magical food items that can pair with almost anything, and some folks think that includes lunch meat! A few people on the internet admitted to slathering this nutty, sweet spread on their cold-cut sandwiches, whether salami, ham, or bologna. Amazingly, this combination is not unheard of, and you can find some sandwich recipes online.

5. BBQ Chips and Chocolate Ice Cream

BBQ Chips and Chocolate Ice Cream
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I’m a big fan of dipping fries in ice cream, which some find abhorrent, so maybe BBQ chips and chocolate ice cream together aren’t that big of a stretch. The chips’ crunch, paired with the ice cream’s softness, is probably lovely. And the zestiness of BBQ could be enriched by the decadent but soft chocolate flavor, so this might be a winning pair.

6. Orange Juice and Coffee

Orange Juice and Coffee
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This one is downright disgusting. As yummy and refreshing as orange juice is, it’s one of those flavors that fights against other tastes, especially toothpaste. People admit to drinking these two beverages simultaneously and loving the double acidity and competing flavors that create a bold flavor experience. It’s definitely not for everyone.

7. French Toast and Sriracha

French Toast and Sriracha
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French toast isn’t typically served spicy, but a few people say they enjoy dousing their eggy bread in Sriracha, creating a sweet, spicy breakfast dish that isn’t like anything else. This might be good, especially if you enjoy eating chicken and waffles with hot honey, which has a similar vibe.

8. Mashed Potatoes and Ketchup

Mashed Potatoes and Ketchup
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French fries and ketchup are a classic pairing, so mashed potatoes and ketchup aren’t that farfetched, but it still seems insane. A squirt of ketchup on top of or mixed into creamy mashed potatoes would compromise the tater’s rich flavor and take over your taste buds. But if you love ketchup’s sweet, acidic flavor, this might be your new favorite way to enjoy mashed potatoes.

9. Pepperoni Pizza and Honey

Pepperoni Pizza and Honey
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Pepperoni pizza is one of the saltiest things you can eat, so cutting the savory flavor with a drizzle of warm honey might be genius. This rare combination sounds sensational when you take a second to think about it, especially if you’re one of those people who think honey elevates almost everything.

10. Cottage Cheese and Spaghetti

Cottage Cheese and Spaghetti
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Cottage cheese can be a brilliant addition to a gooey pasta sauce, but adding it on top of spaghetti with marinara is definitely unorthodox. However, the idea is enticing. Adding some creamy and thick cottage cheese to the otherwise chunky marinara can create a delightful texture without compromising the classic flavor of Italian red sauce.

Source: Reddit.

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