How Long Do Boiled Peanuts Last_ How To Store Boiled Peanuts

How Long Do Boiled Peanuts Last? How To Store Boiled Peanuts?

Are you one of those people who love boiled peanuts? Then good for you as boiled peanuts are one of the healthiest snacks that you can have. But have you ever boiled peanuts only to realize that you can’t consume them in one sitting? What did you do?

What’s the best way to store boiled peanuts? Should you put the boiled peanuts in the freezer? Or simply refrigerate them? I’ll answer those questions in this post.

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Why eat boiled peanuts?


If you’re from the Southeastern region of the US, then I won’t be surprised that you love boiled peanuts. This is, after all, one of the more popular snacks in the region. My college buddy back then used to eat boiled peanuts almost every single afternoon. And she didn’t grow tired of it.

Anyway, I can understand why there’s so much love for boiled peanuts. For one, it’s delicious. And it’s healthy, too. Compared to raw peanuts, it has a lower calorie and fat content. It also has lots of nutrients that protect our cells from oxidation.

Obviously, peanuts are excellent in fiber content, so peanut oil is really popular. Boiled peanuts have slightly higher fiber content than the dry or roasted types. And we need fiber to prevent constipation and make us regular. It can also reduce risks of heart disease and diabetes.

Boiled peanuts are low in calories. I guess that’s why my college buddy used to eat a lot of it. Boiled peanuts can be very satisfying without causing you to gain weight.

There are different ways to eat boiled peanuts. I usually crack the shells open with my hands. My friend tells me that in their area, some guys pop the whole peanut in their mouths and crack it open. They then remove the nut and spit out the shell.

And she insists that she knows people who eat the whole thing.

How long do boiled peanuts last?


Boiled peanuts can only last for 24 hours or so when left at room temperature. The moisture content of boiled peanuts can cause them to spoil quickly.

If you have leftover boiled peanuts, you should refrigerate or freeze them. Storing boiled peanuts to temperatures lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit can extend their storage life. Low-temperature levels can reduce microbial growth.

Boiled peanuts should be safe to eat in 7 to 10 days when refrigerated. There’s really no impact on the taste of boiled peanuts when they are refrigerated. In fact, boiled peanuts taste so good when they are cold.

But if you want to keep the peanuts fresh for an indefinite period, I suggest you freeze them. Simply put them in a plastic bag and put them in the freezer.

When you feel like eating the boiled peanuts, simply thaw them in the ref overnight. You can also thaw the frozen boiled peanuts in the microwave. Or put them in hot water for 5-10 minutes.


How to tell if boiled peanuts have gone bad?


There are several ways to tell that boiled peanuts have gone rancid. I usually check the surface of the nut.

If there are gray or green spots on the surface, these indicate that molds have developed. Obviously I would discard those peanuts. I also discourage you from eating peanuts which look shriveled or black.

You can also smell the nuts. Fresh peanuts have a strong and nutty smell while those that have gone bad will smell sour. Or just taste the peanut, it should taste creamy and nutty, and not sour and bitter.

Tips for boiling peanuts


How would you come up with perfectly boiled peanuts? Well, one thing you should consider is the quality of the raw peanuts. Avoid buying peanuts that are discolored as this indicates growth of mold.

Mold, after all, can cause the production of aflatoxin. This is a toxic substance that is also cancer-causing. Peanuts that are exposed to humidity are very prone to having aflatoxin. Aflatoxin in peanuts is very common in Africa and Southeast Asia.

You also need lots of time in boiling peanuts. Time is a critical factor in boiling peanuts. The longer that you boil peanuts, the softer they become. Even the time that you spend soaking them can affect the juicy flavor inside the shells.

You should give at least an hour to boil green peanuts. When I have the time, I even boil them for 4 hours. Meanwhile, dried raw peanuts can take up to 24 hours of boiling so they can become very soft.



You don’t need to be from the southern part of the US to appreciate boiled peanuts. It is a very filling and nutritious snack. And unlike most snacks, it can stay fresh especially when refrigerated and frozen.

What do you like most about boiled peanuts? Is its the taste? Or the ease of preparation? Let me know by writing on the comments section below.

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