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Alternative Hennessy Punch

There are many modern Hennessy punch recipes with a twist that you can try, and one of my favorite takes on Hennessy punch is this strawberry Hennessy punch recipe. 
Course Drinks


  • Strawberry slices
  • Lemon slices
  • Sparkling white wine
  • Strawberry syrup you can make your own, or you can use shop-bought syrup


1.Prepare Your Glass

  • A well-chilled cocktail glass filled with ice is perfect for this drink. You will want the drink to be as cold as possible in order to make the drink refreshing and light.

2. Pour in a Shot of Hennessy Cognac

  • Don’t overdo it with Hennessy! Hennessy Cognac can really overpower your punch, so keep the amount you add to the drink to a minimum and refrain from adding more than a shot glass worth.

3. Add Two Teaspoons of Syrup

  • If your homemade syrup isn’t very sweet, then you can add more than two teaspoons of syrup to your drink. The shop-bought syrup is far sweeter than homemade syrup, so feel free to add less than the recommended amount in the recipe if you don’t want your drink to be overly sweet.

4. Fill the Glass up with Sparkling Wine

  • Pour your favorite sparkling wine into the glass. Champagne is particularly indulgent and compliments the flavors beautifully, but you can use sparkling wine or prosecco if you prefer.

5. Add Strawberry Slices and a Slice of Lemon

  • Add as many strawberry slices to the mixture as you like. Once you finish your drink, the strawberries are bursting with Hennessy flavors, and I love eating them after I finish my glass.


If you want to make the strawberry syrup yourself, you should slice strawberries and add them to a pan with water and sugar and bring to boil. Once the mixture has begun to bubble, you will need to turn the heat down for 15 minutes and leave it to simmer. Blend the syrup thoroughly once it is cooked.