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How Zentangle Can Relax You

Zentangle sounds like a yoga move that you would only ever get introduced to on a hippy meditation retreat, but what if I told you it is something completely different? Zentangle is a form of art meditation that has been proven to relieve stress and even help with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

Before we dive into how exactly this enchanting patterned drawing can relieve stress, check out this page that has all you need to start zentangle drawing. The process is thoroughly explained and the article guides you through the supplies you will need and has examples of patterns you can easily draw yourself. 

If you checked out the above link, you would have noticed that there are a lot of repetitive patterns that clash in a very abstract way with one another. The drawing doesn’t have to be of anything, it can be an accumulation of swirls and shapes that spiral into a central spot. Once you have gotten the hang of drawing with a zentangle, you can draw animal and flower outlines and fill them with zentangle patterns. 

One thing’s for sure, just like a Moorish snack, once you start you will find it difficult to stop! Here are some of the ways zentangle can help you unwind and relieve all of that built-up stress. 


Meditation isn’t always sitting with your legs crossed, eyes closed and practicing your breathing. You can meditate through dance, song, exercise and art. Zentangle is a great way of meditation through artistic creation because of its repetitive nature and therapeutic outcome. 

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No matter how the final drawing turns out, after a good hour or so of relaxing doodling, the outcome is something to be proud of. The more time and energy you invest in the drawing, the prouder you will be of it. 


Repetitive tasks are notorious for sending us to sleep. Think about when you had to put all of your wedding invitations in envelopes, or when your boss asked you to do some filing. By the end of the task, you were exhausted and ready for bed. Well, it is kind of the same with zentangle, but the only difference is it is far from boring!

Being Mindful

People that suffer from anxiety are often worrying about things that they did, or what will happen in the future. These are all things that are out of our hands most of the time and worrying about them will only give us high blood pressure and heart palpitations

‘Mindfulness’ is practicing being in the here and now. You don’t need to be thinking about much to be ‘mindful’, instead, concentrate on the drawing and patterns you are creating. 

Don’t wait to draw zentangle patterns until you are pulling your hair out with stress. Do a little bit every evening to help you unwind and release all of the negative energies from the day. 

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