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Mexican Street Corn Salsa

When you're craving the sweet, smokey and tangy flavors of hot off the grill Mexican Grilled Corn but you are either,  a) without a grill  b) have a large crowd to feed or c) just need a big bowl of deliciousness that you can shovel into your mouth as fast as possible, this dish is for you!

This was a special request for two parties we attended recently. Actually, one where I was the host and others were bringing big pots of pulled pork, BBQ chicken, coleslaw and finger sandwiches and once for Father's Day cookout at my dad's. I think I mastered it the second time around. You have to let the lime juice and spices really soak into the other ingredients and add the salty Cotija cheese just before serving so it doesn't get soggy. No on likes soggy cheese. 

Honestly, I'm looking for any excuse to make this Mexican Street Corn Salsa again (and again....). 
It's SO crazy simple to throw together, no cooking required and the flavors are pretty much my idea of Heaven. Sweet, summer corn, lime juice, cilantro, peppers and onion and of course salty Cotija cheese which if you've never tried I implore you to get your hands on some. All tossed together in a creamy dressing just begging to be paired with grilled chicken, fish, hamburgers or ribs. 

I'm thinking this will be front and center on our family's table for the Fourth of July!!! 

TIME            10 MINUTES                 SERVES        6-8


4 cups frozen sweet corn, thawed
1 red bell pepper, diced
1 small red onion, minced
1 cup (large handful) cilantro, chopped
10 oz. Cotija Cheese, crumbled
1 tablespoon mayonnaise
1 tablespoon Mexican Creme OR sour cream
3 limes, juiced
2 teaspoons Mexican chili powder
1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper (optional, for heat)
1 teaspoon cumin


Rinse corn in a colander under cool water, let drain. Add corn and the remaining ingredients EXCEPT Cotija cheese in a large bowl and toss well to combine.
Chill at least 2 hours and up to 24 to let the flavors come together. Add the crumbled Cotija cheese just before serving (it will become soggy if you let it sit) and toss to combine. 



  1. This is easily one of my favorite summer dishes! So much flavor!

  2. This looks absolutely delicious! I think I might ask my husband to grill a few ears of corn and then cut them from the cob to add a little char to the recipe. I love cotija cheese too! Sign me up!

    1. That would be fantastic! I thought about grilling the corn but have genuine concern I might burst into a ball of flame in this 120F HEAT!! ;)

  3. I love all of the flavors in this lovely summer salad, and cotija's salty sharpness is perfect! Enjoy the 4th of July!

  4. This recipe is similar to my original corn & black bean salsa, except I used fresh corn. It's such a summer salad!!

  5. Have a great 4th of July! This is a lovely recipe - I love corn.

  6. I lived in the Southwest for many years and grew to love all things Mexican. This salsa sounds yummy. I know my family would love it. We will be getting a lot of corn in our CSA soon and I will have to remember this recipe.

    1. Perfect!! Bring on the corn! 👏😜

  7. This looks fabulous and so colourful! I just love corn. There's nothing better in summer. Happy 4th of July!!

  8. Love Mexican street corn! Yours looks incredible. Such a wonderful combination of flavors.

  9. I think I might have just fallen in love with a recipe. Is that weird?? Everything about this looks so amazing and I love the flavors! Mexican food is my favorite!! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Awwwwww!!! So sweet of you Nicole! ☺️☺️☺️

  10. I am all over this! We love Mexican street corn...this will definitely be a hit at our house!

  11. I cannot believe I have never made this. It sounds perfect for pretty much any summer gathering!

  12. This looks incredible!! I am definitely giving this a try!

  13. Absolutely summery and delicious! What can I use instead of Cotija?

  14. Love the flavors! Looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing your recipe:)


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