Simply Healthy Family: Quinoa, Oat and Pecan Blueberry-Peach Crumb Bars #SundaySupper #glutenfree


Quinoa, Oat and Pecan Blueberry-Peach Crumb Bars #SundaySupper #glutenfree

Peaches and blueberries are one thing I could never ever tire of.  In the peak of summer their natural, juicy sweetness is second to none. Aside from enjoying them as is I've always loved baking them into a lightly sweetened, crumbly bar or pie. This treat is a combination of all three. 


The end of summer brings on the beginning of a new year of sorts, the school year. In our home this is a pretty big deal. After very long, unbearably hot summer in the desert we are all ready for a change. We trade in our daily swimsuit attire for clean and crisp khaki shorts and new polo shirts and kick aside our flip flops for new Nike's and sparkly, light up Sketchers. We tame our unruly, sun bleached hair for pigtails and crew cuts and lay out our new lunch boxes in anticipation of a special cafeteria lunch. 

I don't usually post pictures of the little darlings but I mean, honestly..........

yeah, we almost made it through the summer with out breaking any bones....



After school snack is one of our family's special traditions. After a long summer of swimming and vacations it's hard to get back into a routine, especially for the little ones. After years of arguing and being frustrated I came up with a very simple solution to keep us all happy and organized during the school year. I've found that printing out a schedule and hanging it on the fridge really helps keep the kids from bickering and arguing when it's time to do home work and unwind after a long day at school.

Most days it's Apples with Peanut Butter or Popcorn and Cheese but sometimes I like to surprise the little darlings with a special home made treat. Little do they know, these are totally healthy!!

Mwuahaahaahaaaa!!!! My evil little plan worked yet again! 


What are your favorite after school snacks?


TIME        60 MINUTES ACTIVE       1 HOURS INACTIVE               YIELDS        12 BARS

You Will Need

For the Crust

1 cup almond flour

1 cup oat flour (just blend/grind your own whole oats)

1 cup cooked quinoa

1/2 cup Monk Fruit in the Raw OR turbinado OR coconut sugar

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon real vanilla

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 stick real butter

For the Fruit Filling

2 large, ripe peaches

1 1/2 cups fresh blueberries (you can use frozen but they will leak juice and color your bars)

2 large Organic, free range eggs

2 tablespoons oat flour OR almond flour

1 teaspoon cornstarch

For the Crumble Topping

1 heaping cup pecans, chopped

2 cups Coach's Oats

2 tablespoons good quality coconut oil (do not sub this)

Optional - 1 tablespoon brown sugar (or coconut sugar, turbinado or Monk Fruit in the Raw)

Putting it All Together

Cook your quinoa according to package directions, usually 1:1 water:quinoa and takes about 20 minutes to simmer.

Preheat the oven to 350F. Prepare an 8x10 baking dish by lining it with parchment paper (this is how I avoid using excess/unnecessary oils and cooking sprays.

In a large mixing bowl,  combine the first 7 ingredients for the crust.  Cut the butter into thin slices and toss it around into the bowl. Using a pastry cutter or a large fork or heavy whisk, cut in the butter {mix it in by chopping at it with your utensil} until the flour mixture is crumbly.  Press the crust mixture into the bottom of the prepared baking dish using a spatula or your hands.
Bake the crust at 350F for 10 minutes. Carefully remove from oven.

Chop the peaches into small pieces. In another bowl, add peaches, blueberries, eggs, flour and cornstarch. Toss to combine. Spoon the fruit mixture over the crust mixture in the pan.

In a medium size bowl, combine the ingredients for the crumble topping. Spoon over the fruit evenly.

Bake at 350F for 20-22 minutes or until the top is lightly browned and fragrant.

Remove from oven and let cool for at least an hour before serving!

Thank you so much DB from Crazy Foodie Stunts and Caroline from Caroline's Cooking for hosting this weeks fun Sunday Supper roundup!

We've got you covered for this hectic time of year (at least it is in our home!) Busy morning breakfasts, healthy school lunches and after school snacks. Check out what the Sunday Supper Team has put together this week for our Back to School Event!

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  1. Quinoa, oat, and I surely can enjoy these dessert bars as the breakfast!

  2. These look luscious and would be so welcoming when kids are coming home!!

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  4. You seem very organized, which I'm sure is super important when you have three kids. I bet they love these bars - healthy and tasty!

  5. These would certainly be one of my favorite after school snacks. I love crumb bars and especially ones with blueberries and peaches.

  6. I love the fresh peach and blueberry in there, and the rest sounds great too!

  7. These bars are the perfect fruit combination and after school snack. There are so pretty also!

  8. Wow! How lucky are your darlings to have such an exceptional (and organized!) Mom =) Your blueberry-peach bars look phenomenal =)

  9. You're a great mom serving up these snacks! I love the way you make duties sound less like chores and more like fun!

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  11. Love peaches and blueberries together. These bars look great. And so does your schedule for your kids!! Totally copying that!

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  13. Blueberries and peaches are a favorite for me. These look delicious for back to school!

  14. Gwen, these quinoa oat & pecan blueberry peach bars look like a great snack! I can have those every day! :) I am impressed how you keep your kids organized after school! Such a great idea for one day when I have kids. I love being organized, productive & having a schedule like that. Thumbs up for coming up with that idea!

  15. Your snack bars sound healthy and delicious, love the way you are so organized!

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  17. What a great blend of summer and fall flavour

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  22. These look amazing! My kids don't start school for another 2 weeks but when they do I'm going to make some of these treats for their after school snack :)

  23. I'd like to try this recipe for the grandkids. It's fun to trick them into eating healthy! Looks like you didn't make it through the summer without broken bones. Nice recipe. Thanks.

  24. You are so organized! If they are sticking to that schedule then they definitely deserve these as a treat. They look amazing Gwen!

  25. Love your bars and yoru chore chart! I have two young boys and it is so hard to get them to do homework, much less, help with anything else! I am going to try your chart!! AND your bars!!

  26. Peaches and blueberries together are the epitome of summer. And the colors are so gorgeous together!

  27. Such a healthy, quick and easy snack for the kids! Love the combo of blueberries and peach, too. A pleasure to find your beautiful blog, Gwen. Sharing and following :)

  28. I found your blog through the FBC Yum & Stumble Sunday. These are a great idea! I am sharing these!


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