Simply Healthy Family: How to Find, Save and Organize All of Your Recipes Using Yummly


How to Find, Save and Organize All of Your Recipes Using Yummly

There are so many great recipes out there on the Internet that it can be daunting to try and save them in an organized manner. One of my favorite ways, and pretty much the only way I organize all of my hundreds upon hundreds of recipes is by using Yummly. 

Yummly is an easy way to view recipes that are specific to your individual needs, and tastes. It draws on existing recipe sites on the internet such as AllRecipes, Food Network, Martha Stewart, Epicurious, etc. as well as smaller food blogs to bring you thousands upon thousands of the very best recipes. 

My favorite part about Yummly is that it is so easy to pick your specific taste preference, food allergies and even the simplicity of the recipes you will be shown. 

After you sign up (it's free!) you simply check the boxes choosing your taste preferences, origins of cuisines you most like etc. 

  • Ingredients
  • Taste (sweet, sour, bitter, etc.)
  • Cuisines
  • Courses
  • Time and Price
  • Nutrition, Diets, and Allergies
  • Favorites and Sources (this lists set recipe sites for you to select)

After you set your taste preferences you're free to start searching and saving recipes. If you need even more inspiration, you can easily find and follow people with similar tastes and diets to your own.

 Find "Tastebuds". A play on words, this refers to people you'd like to be friends with on the site, perhaps people with similar tastes! Simply click on the tab "Tastebuds". Once here, you can invite or browse for friends.
  • If you want to search for people already on the site with similar tastes, be sure to have checked your favorite tastes in your profile. Once done, you can "browse people with similar profiles" from the highlighted links; simply click on the links and see who turns up.
  • If you've joined via Facebook, your friends' list will pop up when you are looking for friends. Simply invite the people you'd like to share the site with.
  • Alternately, you can check out the people whose profiles pop up on the right hand side. You can select them by the amount of times they have been "tastebudded", by photos, or by recipes. Compare their "similarity to you" and choose away.

Another one of my favorite features on Yummly is that alongside each recipe are the nutritional stats and the price per serve. For those on a budget or health-conscious diet, this is a really useful way to tell whether or not your recipe is suitable, or needs adjusting to decrease the cost or unhealthy content.

Now Let's Start Saving Recipes Shall WE????

It's simple. When you see a recipe you want to save, click the orangeYUM button that's located in the bottom right corner of every recipe photo. It will be saved in your "Recipe Box"  located under your profile photo. Before you start saving too many recipes, I strongly suggest creating a handful of "Collections" which you can label and categorize all of your recipes. 

I started out by creating about 5-6 boards that I knew I would use most often such as "Vegetarian" , "Seafood" "Healthy Snacks", "On the Grill", "Breakfast", "Mexican Food" etc.

Once you start saving more and more recipes, you'll probably want to create more collections. The sky is the limit! You can get as specific as you'd like and create as many collections as you desire. 

Ready to get started? Sign up for free HERE it only takes a few seconds and you'll have all of your favorite recipes organized in no time! 

After you sign up or if you're already on Yummly you can follow me HERE for plenty of HEALTHY, SIMPLE recipes!



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