Simply Healthy Family: 30 Days of Healthy, Simple Back to School Lunch Box Ideas


30 Days of Healthy, Simple Back to School Lunch Box Ideas

The start of the school year is always an exciting time. After a long, lazy summer and family vacations the kiddos (and the parents) are more than ready to go back to school. New friends, new teachers, new backpacks and pencil boxes and a new start for making healthy choices for lunch. 

Somewhere during the middle of the school year last year I got discouraged and just plain lazy when it came to making the kids lunches. After a long day at work and coming home to home work drama, sports practices and games and then of course dinner I lost interest in packing 4 lunches, including my own and jumped on the cafeteria band wagon.

The kids all but begged me to make them lunches again after a few weeks of greasy pizza, mystery burgers and a salad bar that I'm sure McDonalds would cringe at not to mention after they stood in line for 10 minutes they literally had 5 minutes to scarf down their food.

Enter mom guilt #742,129

I'm back on the I can do this lunch box thing train and have been scouring my brain and the web aka Pinterest for simple, healthy and even fun lunches for the darlings. I'm so excited by this list that I'm sure it will last well into the school year with only a sandwich or so a week being involved!

I put together a list of my favorites on Mode Media (formerly known as Glam/Foodie) and hope you will stop by to check it out and if you like it give it some love (click the cute little heart and help a sister out).

Check out Back to School Healthy Lunch Box Ideas
by Gwen Wilson at Mode


  1. What a great round-up idea! It is my first year having a child in school so I'm going to need all the lunchbox inspiration I can get!

  2. Great round up! I love all these delicious and healthy school lunch ideas!

  3. It's always had to figure out what to make my kids for lunch and what to make myself!

  4. wow! Thank you for sharing these wonderful lunch box ideas! I'm always in a look out for some new ideas for my kid..

  5. These are perfect! I need all the ideas I can get.

  6. What great ideas! I know they are for kids but I'd totally eat all of these happily. :)

  7. It looks like a great round up for lunch box ideas. My kids are all grown, but I still take a lunch for work, I would love to find the food from your round up in my work lunch. Yum!

  8. Nooooooo, I don't want to think about summer coming to an end soon! ;) Seriously, thanks for sharing this great line-up of delicious and healthy school lunch ideas - I sure need to think about this soon and this is very helpful!


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  10. Nice round up of lunch ideas! I totally space on variety when it comes to school day lunches. Pinned!

  11. I wish there were bento boxes like those when I was a kid! Love the pizza rolls with dip idea - too much fun!

  12. Although my daughter will be staying with me this year, these lunch ideas are definitely needed. I'm
    Always running out of ideas and you can eat leftovers and grilled cheese so many times!

  13. Great ideas!! My kids usually bring the same thing every day...might be time to mix it up!

  14. What a great idea and perfect timing with school right around the corner! I love different lunch ideas for my kids!


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