Simply Healthy Family: Poached Alaskan Salmon over Spring Arborio Pilaf {How to make Risotto as a table rice}


Poached Alaskan Salmon over Spring Arborio Pilaf {How to make Risotto as a table rice}

Spending time in the kitchen when it is so gorgeous outside is practically the last thing I want to do.  We eat salmon at least once or twice a month along with other healthy fish since it is so simple to prepare. Poaching the salmon is one of my favorite ways to prepare it because it is pretty much fool proof and turns out perfect every time. A dash of salt and pepper and your favorite herbs sprinkled on top is all you need for a quick and light supper. 


The boys have soccer practice on the days that Mona doesn't have Tae Kwon Do which means we are at some event just about every night of the week except Friday, Yay for Pizza Friday! Luckily it is so gorgeous in the evenings here in Phoenix and sitting outside in the cool breeze for an hour or so is a nice way to end the day.

Typically, my husband will take the boys to soccer while I prepare dinner but I end up finding myself pulled away from the kitchen to the back patio where I sit with a glass of wine listing to the waterfall in the pool and sipping on a crisp glass of Chardonnay. I'm not ashamed.


Dinner still gets made but it has to be something quick and fuss free.

I know what your thinking, "But, wait a second. How is Risotto fuss free?" 

You're right, it's not as simple as cooking a pot of wild or brown rice but this version is a bit quicker and pretty fool proof and ends up a much more satisfying accompaniment



Whole Grain Dijon Mustard Fillets on a Cous Cous-Lentil Medley

Chardonnay Poached Salmon with Fennel & Orange {In a Slow Cooker!}

Pecan Crusted Sweet Potato Salmon Cakes



  1. I love fish too. This is a very well balanced meal with rice and salmon. That salmon filets on couscous salad looks fantastic as well.

  2. Easy risotto?! HECK YES. That's what I need in my life!

  3. A beautiful dish, and I love your description of sitting out in the warm sun sipping wine!

  4. The CousCous Lentil Medly looks so good. Your Salmon idea is great and I know nutritionists who always say that Salmon is the best fish to consume. It has so many essential nutrients, especially Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

  5. Gorgeous! I always think of salmon for dinner when Spring knocks on the door. Love it!

  6. Always looking for great salmon recipes - This one looks yummy!

  7. Amazing twists on Salmon. I always fix it the same way. I will have to try out some of these! #laceyslegacy

  8. This looks great, I've finally convinced my kids to eat salmon and I think they would love your recipe!

    1. Yayyyy! Poaching is the mildest way to go I think.

  9. Love love love salmon! I've had it every way except poached!

  10. This sounds incredible! I love salmon but rarely poach it. I've definitely gotta try this!


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