Simply Healthy Family: Purple Cabbage and Green Apple Cheese Crisps #sponsored


Purple Cabbage and Green Apple Cheese Crisps #sponsored

Eating healthy seems simple enough right? Not always. Not for me. Not even armed with the knowledge, means and money, it can be a daily struggle. We all start out with the best of intentions, we all know to eat more fruits and veggies, less carbs and processed foods and most importantly to eat in moderation, several small healthy meals a day. Exercise. Yeah, we all know we should get off our ass and walk around the block and maybe do a push up or two. So why is maintaining or reaching a healthy weight such a struggle for most of us?

“I received free samples of Cabot Cheese mentioned in this post. By posting this recipe I am entering a recipe challenge sponsored by Cabot Creamery and am eligible to win prizes. I was not additionally compensated for my time.”

Lot's of factors play into that question, for me it's a combination of time, lack of energy (which I know I have more of when I exercise but ugghhhh, I really just want a nap) and well, not enough will power. I've never been a morning person and I doubt I ever will. I mean I've been getting up either for work or with the darlings at the crack of dawn or earlier for over 20 years. I still HATE it. The thought of getting up any earlier to exercises is nauseating to me. I get a major energy rush mid day and power through my workouts then. If I have to work, I know I should at least climb the stairs or walk around the hospital on my break but don't do it often enough.

Meals and snacks I can totally take control of!  No problem. I know I have a weakness for salty chips, salsa and guacamole, it's my Kryptonite! So, I don't buy them. If they're in the house I sit and think about it, tell myself 19 times I'm not even hungry and then go grab a handful..... 3 times. Who needs that torture and then guilt???

Whatever your food Kryptonite is, acknowledge it, don't feel guilty about it and then do something about it!!! Out of sight out of mind. 

Eating foods that are spicy and/or tangy have been known to 'trick' your mind into feeling more satisfied so you won't snack later. 

I knew I wanted to make an appetizer using my home made purple sour kraut, green apples and a white cheddar cheese. Either a Panini, Quesadilla or Pita Crisps. What I wasn't sure of is exactly which cheese would pair perfectly with my slightly unorthodox appetizer. Lucky for me, Cabot has a very handy pairing tool on their website. Every bar of cheese has a very specific description of the flavors of the cheese and also some recipe suggestions and food and wine pairings! 

Melt it in a grilled cheese sandwich and you're likely to be labeled a culinary Ninja. Perfect for all-around grating, cooking and melting. It has a creamy, smooth texture and a slightly acidic taste. Nuances of sweetness are balanced with a rich buttery tang. Cabot fans will tell you to pair with sweet tart apples, Bartlett pears and crusty sourdough bread.

Like I said, I wavered between these pita crisps and a grilled Panini with sour dough or Rye bread. 

SERVES      8 - 10 AS AN APPETIZER            TIME      15 MINUTES TOPS

You Will Need

6  Whole Grain Pita Wraps, cut into triangles 
2 Granny Smith Green Apples
1 cup of  *home made saur kraut
12 ounces Cabot Vermont Sharp Cheese, shredded
3-4 tablespoons deli style horseradish mustard (lighter on the horseradish side)

Putting it all Together

Preheat your oven to 350F

Place your cut pita chips on a stone baking sheet {No oil is needed if you use a stone pan}.Bake for 5-6 minutes to just crisp them up so they can withstand the cheese and other ingredients without becoming soggy. 

Using an oven mitt, remove the pan from oven. Sprinkle a bit of cheese on each crisp. Bake for just 1-2 minutes more!

Remove from oven and top with very thinly sliced apples and a bit of saur kraut. Drizzle with horseradish mustard. As an option, you can thinly spread the mustard on the pita crisps before adding the cheese. It's all about your personal preference of presentation. 

*Home Made Saur Kraut

I'm ashamed I've not posted this yet. Bucket List!
So, so simple. You thinly shred a head of cabbage ( I almost always use purple, more vitamins and prettier ;)   Put in a large bowl and generously sprinkle with good quality sea salt ( 2-3 tablespoons). 
Toss to combine.  Pack it tightly into a large mason jar (or two), really stuff it in there! Let it sit in a cool spot in your kitchen for a day. It should be just barely covered with water, if not add just enough to do so. Let sit another 24 hours. After that, refrigerate it in an air tight jar. 

Your sweetly sour kraut will keep in the fridge for many, many months! Up to a year I'm told but we eat ours much quicker than that. On grilled potatoes, sausages, eggs, veggies and of course, Pita Crisps!



  1. I love that each bite has a fruit, a vegetable, a dairy, and a whole grain. Talk about a well-balanced snack! These look fantastic! Love the easy sour kraut recipe too!

  2. These little bites look amazing!

  3. That looks like the perfect cute!

  4. These bites look so tasty and festive! The perfect dish to serve at a party!

  5. I love healthy snacks like this:) Looks delicious. xoxo


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