Simply Healthy Family: Pozole Rojo #SundaySupper


Pozole Rojo #SundaySupper

This classic south western soup hails from Mexico and is exploding with all of the traditional flavors and spices you would find there. When the weather is frigid and gloomy during the winter months I can't get my hands on a piping hot bowl of spicy pozole quick enough. 

This week on Sunday Suppers we are all sharing the foods and flavors from our home towns. I could not be more excited to share my favorite cuisine, Mexican food, with all of you.

Growing up and living in the southern Arizona my entire life means that the flavors and traditions of the south west are home to me. Salsas, guacamole, spicy beans and rice and the sauces, oh the sauces! We pretty much put cayenne, cumin, garlic and especially salsa on almost everything here in Phoenix, especially in our household. Even on peanut butter, eggs and cottage cheese!

This soup is very hearty and just spicy enough. Home made rojo (red) sauce is as easy as soaking dried ancho or guajjillo peppers in hot water and throwing them in your blender with a few spices. The flavor is unparalleled to the canned stuff you'll find on the grocery store shelves.

Hominy is basically dried corn that has been soaked in a mineral lime bath.

This alkali process, known as nixtamalization, loosens the hulls from the kernels and softens the kernels themselves. The process can cause the kernels to double in size, which is why it may look a little strange. 

In Mexico it's mixed with water and milk to make the beverage atole, which is sometimes flavored with chocolate. Closer to home, it's used to make grits. It's also the main ingredient in masa used to make tamales.

I personally don't care for the canned stuff. I buy this brand in the frozen aisle. 

Tempeh, is a fermented soy product originally from Indonesia. While not as popular as tofu here in the States it has significantly better health benefits than tofu. It is made by a natural culturing and controlled fermentation process that binds soybeans into a cake like form and is used in vegetarian burgers, tacos, on top of salads and in this pozole!

Read more about Tepeh on World's Healthiest Foods

Recipe slightly adapted from Thug Kitchen Cookbook

SERVES       6               TIME      INACTIVE:   20 MINUTES      ACTIVE: 30 MINUTES

You Will Need:

5 large dried guajillo or ancho chilies, toasted
2 cups tepid to warm water
5 cloves garlic clove, chopped
2 Tablespoons of unsweetened cacao powder
1 teaspoon olive oil
1 large white or yellow onion, chopped
8 oz tempeh, crumbled
2 cups cooked hominy 
1 zucchini, chopped
1 Tablespoons of dried oregano
2 teaspoon ground cumin
1/4 teaspoon salt
5 cups vegetable or chicken broth (preferably home made to reduce the sodium intake)
1 teaspoon walnut syrup or honey
Juice of just one lime

Throw chilies in the water and soak for 15-20 minutes. Remove chilies, reserve the water. Cut of the chili tops, remove seeds, and chop up. Place in a blender with garlic cloves, cacao powder, and chili pepper water and blend til you have chili-garlic clove paste without any large lumps.

Warm the oil in a large pot over medium-high heat. Add onion and saute for just two minutes. Add tempeh and saute until both onion and tempeh begin to brown, about 3 more minutes.
Add hominy, zucchini, oregano, cumin, and salt. Stir altogether, adding chili-garlic clove paste. Toss it around so things are well covered. Pour in broth, cover and allow it to simmer for 20-30 minutes. Remove from heat and add walnut syrup and lime juice. Taste and adjust spices to your liking.

Serve hot together with your favorite toppings, for example sliced cabbage, avocado, green onions radish matchsticks cilantro and lime wedges.


Sopa de Almejas  {Clam Soup}

Simple Pozole Verde

Grilled Fish Tacos on Home Made Blue Corn Tortillas

A huge thanks to Coleen from The Red Head Baker for hosting this fun Sunday Supper!

This is an amazing opportunity to discover some of my favorite foodies favorite foods from their own home towns! Who better to look to for good food than someone who has grown up cooking and perfecting the flavors of the place they know best?



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  1. That looks wonderful! What great color and flavors. I'm also not a fan of canned hominy and will look for it in the freezer section.

  2. I'm a pozole fan, and I've grown up eating hominy! This is a true comfort dish! Beautiful photo!

  3. Your hearty, spicy soup looks like a perfect dinner on a chilly day! What a terrific hometown favorite :)

  4. Oh My Goodness, this soup looks divine. The spices, the color, all of it. Where do I sign up? Yum

  5. Hmm, I guessed New Mexico as your home state - not quite! This looks fantastic, I love pozole - so hearty!

    -Julie @ Texan New Yorker

    1. Very similar but New Mexican cuisine has a very unique taste!

  6. Love the vibrancy and color in this dish and the photos! I've never cooked with hominy before, but it seems to hearty and delicious, I've got to try it soon!

  7. This looks good but if you adapted this dish from the Thug Kitchen Cookbook, where's all the cursing in the instructions?

    1. It was hard to write the post for sure lol!! Don't think I wasn't all thug whil preparing it tho! ;)

  8. Very nice! I can almost smell it looking at the screen. My FIL loved posole and I know he would love yours too, as would I. Thanks for posting!

  9. This looks lovely. I have never tried this soup nor have I been to Arizona but it is on my bucket list.

    1. I hope you do try it! Arizona is gorgeous, just don't come June-August!!! ;)

  10. A great meal for the cold winter days!

  11. Anything with hominy in it is a win in my book. I love pozole in all flavors and colors. It's so tasty and delicious!

  12. Your pozole looks fantastic..and healthy too (thank for the info on tempeh) Must try this!

  13. I've never tried Pozole, you've convinced me I need to. Thanks for the great recipe.

  14. I've never seen frozen Pozole I wonder if they carry it around here? I know we have canned hominy but I'm guessing the frozen is better! This soup looks amazing!

  15. You can't go wrong with this soup! Yum!


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