Simply Healthy Family: Simply Healthy Family's Favorite Fall Recipe Roundup {say that 10 timesfast!}


Simply Healthy Family's Favorite Fall Recipe Roundup {say that 10 timesfast!}

Here's what's happening right now. I decided to stop blogging because

a.)   I keep comparing myself to other bloggers even though I firmly believe in not comparing myself to anyone, ever and therefor am making myself depressed, crazy and then just plain pissed followed by a general annoyance for no good reason. (I do however believe in random, run-on-sentences) and

b.)   I've become overwhelmingly consumed by guilt from spending too much time on the computer editing, writing and researching for my blog and not enough time with my children. No matter how many times I tell myself that a little bit of "me time" is a good thing I still feel guilty every time I'm sitting here and the kids are running around the house like banshees.

Then,  I had a day off, the weather dropped  20+ degrees into down right awesome here in Phoenix, I had a nap, then a glass or two of wine and  got over myself.  Onward and upward,  all things in moderation et cetera, et cetera.......

Lastly and coincidently, my 3 younger children have been playing very nicely together for 4 hours straight. No one is under the influence of medication or bribery, no one has incidentally knocked out someones tooth and no one has cried, died or gotten on anyone's nerves for FOUR HOURS STRAIGHT.  I'm going to go with my positive self and not think about the calm before the storm that will hit full force right around bedtime. Happy thoughts.

So in an effort to remind myself why I do what I do in this silly blogging world I compiled my very favorite Fall Foods to share with you. I usually don't do 'round ups' but looking through my favorite recipes and flavors, Fall is always on the top of the list. Every time.

I hope you stick with me and more importantly have tried or at least saved a recipe or two from my humble little place here. Any thoughts or suggestions are always appreciated. What would you like to see more of here at Simply Healthy Family? What are your favorite Fall foods? Do you ever experience "Mom Guilt"? How do you cope?

Fall Favorites from Simply Healthy Family
for football parties, fall picnics and fire pit gatherings. 

Baked Buffalo Cauliflower with Home Made Blu Cheese Dressing.



  1. Everything looks so tasty and comforting. A scrumptious roundup, Gwen.
    Have a delicious and happy Fall!

  2. No more playing the comparison game! It's the worst. I always try to remind myself that there's probably someone out there who is thinking the same about my blog as I am about someone else's, so to just GET OVER IT. :) Love this roundup!

    1. I know, I'm already over it ;)

  3. Stop the madness! Stop the Mom Guilt ;) Stop the Blog Guilt! I experience all three - so I'm repeating these outloud. You know how much I love your blog - and I love all the deliciousness you feature. Being from New Hampshire and adoring Mexican food - I'd love to see more healthy Mexican and yummy options. I think you are doing a fantastic job my friend! Rock on!


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