Simply Healthy Family: Whole Grain Dijon Mustard Salmon Filets on a CousCous-Lentil Medley


Whole Grain Dijon Mustard Salmon Filets on a CousCous-Lentil Medley

The salmon fillets steam right on top of this flavorful couscous and lentil medley saving you time and the extra heat from the oven. It's crazy simple and takes about 20 minutes total but the fresh herbs, shallots, white wine and whole grain Dijon mustard will make it look like you slaved in the kitchen for an hour.  Shhhhh, our little secret.

Is it completely insane to want to buy a new car instead of cleaning it after spending 3 whole days camping in the mud with 3 kids, a 65 pound dog and a husband very at one with nature, muddy mess and all?  Oh, and to  never  want to go camping again unless there's a 5 star camper involved, preferably and Airstream this one. Or perhaps this beauty.  Then again, red is my color and this vintage red Airstream is all kinds of pretty.

I could get very, very comfortable here.

and here. no mud.

and this Airstream camper kitchen........ no roughing it involved.


Because honestly, tee pees are awesome and all but I'm willing to step it up a notch when it comes to comfort. Let's be real.

Back to dinner.

Skillet couscous and lentil medley with steamed mustardy salmon. Trust me. It's amazing.

Let's not make a fuss over dinner shall we? A bit of sautéing, a splash of white wine for deglazing and     a shmear (yes shmear) of whole grain, Dijon mustard atop salmon fillets and simply let it steam away for a very satisfying in so many ways dinner.

I tend to be a tad...  overdramatic  when it comes to good food.

Let's be clear. Fresh herbs make a dish shine as does a splash of wine. I like to balance out my meals with  complementing  flavors. What does that mean?  Whole grain Dijon mustard on the salmon pairs beautifully with the white wine used to deglaze and simmer down with the couscous. Carrots add just a touch of natural sweetness to the lentils in this dish and shallots contribute a very subtle yet significant contribution to temperamental dishes such as salmon.

You Will Need

4 small salmon fillets
3 tablespoons whole grain, Dijon mustard
1/4 cup dry, white wine such as a Chardonnay
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 1/2 cups Israeli couscous medley {a mixture of couscous, green and pink lentils and daikon radishes if you can find them}
2 cups chicken broth
1 large carrot, diced
1 shallot, sliced
5 sprigs fresh thyme plus more for garnish if you please

In a large saute pan heat oil over medium heat. Add shallots and carrots and sauté for 3-5 minutes stirring once or twice. Add couscous medley and toss to coat for 2 minutes. Slowly pour in white wine while stirring to deglaze pan. Let wine cook down for just one minute. Slowly pour in broth while stirring. Let the mixture come to a gentle boil then reduce heat to low.

Brush salmon fillets with mustard. Place salmon fillets on top of couscous. Cover and simmer for 10-12 minutes till salmon is just done.



  1. Wine, shallot, salmon? You've already sold me.:) This looks like a healthy and delicious family dinner. I'm trying to eat more fish lately, so this is perfect!

  2. This looks extremely fun to make a wonderful glamping trip with the family. And the dish looks spectacular.

  3. These campers look incredible!! The salmon looks delicious and healthy.
    Blessings. Catherine

  4. This looks like a fantastic meal. I love the idea of steaming salmon steaks directly on the couscous.

  5. I think your car outlook sounds totally reasonable! Also, loving on this salmon. So much big flavor in one pan!

  6. This looks amazing! Can you believe that I have never cooked with salmon before? I know! Crazy right?

  7. I could totally go camping if I had a kitchen like that! What a beautiful meal - takes camping food to a whole different level!

  8. A scrumptious dish! The kind of food I love to eat...

    This airstream camper is beautiful! I'd definitely go camping in one of them.



  9. Yummy!! That looks delicious! xoxo


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