Simply Healthy Family: Ultimate Halloween Roundup


Ultimate Halloween Roundup

Halloween is my favorite "Holiday".  Partly because the weather finally dips into the double digits here in Phoenix but mostly for the creepy fun costumes, decor and parties. We have a chili 'cook off' every year and have friends over to sit around the fire pit. The kids love making crafts to hang all over the house and turning our front yard into a cemetery.

These cute hand print plates from Mom Endeavors are not only fun but will help your little one with fine motor development.

Been saving up those toilet paper rolls? Nows your chance to let the kids create a whole village of spooky Halloween creatures. From Space Ships and Laser Beams.

Family Fresh Meals has you covered for creepy fun lunch box treats.

Macaroni and cotton swab skeletons and simple side walk ghost lanterns from Spoonful.

Having a few friends over for a Halloween Party or just want to entertain the family? These simple games are classics for a reason. Courtesy of Babble.

I loved this as a kid! Perfect for a kid friendly Haunted House. 

Peel the skins off of grapes for "Slimy Eyeballs"  
Wet noodles for "Brains or Veins"  
Dried Apricots for "Tongues"  
Corn husk threads for "Old Witch Hair" 
Dried Corn for "Teeth"
Fake Fur "Rats"
Slime for "Guts"

Don't forget to take pictures of their facial expressions! 

This one is my favorite! I can't wait to use this as the centerpiece for the snack table.

photo courtesy of Stylista

For your Adult Haloween Party and Decorating ideas, Stylista has some of the creepiest ideas on the web. 


Old store foam heads with cheesecloth, a fog machine and some scary background music, scare the kids and the parents.  

Happy Haunting!

Do you have any Halloween traditions? 



  1. These are wonderful creative crafts for the kids. The grown- ups getting together this time of year is so nice and stress free to just have a nice time. A chili cook-off sounds like fun. Catherine

  2. What a great bunch of fun and
    spooky inspiration! Love the "squash bowling" ;)

  3. So many fun ideas! I can't believe Halloween is so soon!

  4. So many fun ideas here! Can't wait to try some of them out!

  5. Such cute ideas! My teenage daughter would love this!
    Thank you


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