Simply Healthy Family: Papaya, Mango-Ginger Frozen Margarita's #NationalMargaritaDay


Papaya, Mango-Ginger Frozen Margarita's #NationalMargaritaDay

The problem you see,  if you are tolerant enough to see that it is in fact a problem, is that the weather here is so gorgeously perfect out right now that it is impossible to get anything done on time. The laundry is piling up, the dust bunnies are everywhere and my 'To Do' list has all but been forgotten. All for the gravitational pull of the warm 'Spring' Phoenix sun that quite literally drags me outdoors to soak in all of it's perfectness. Bad day. Forgotten.

The afternoons here have been perfect in every form of the word and I would be insane not to take advantage of weather most of the world is wishing for right now and not sit outside on the back patio with a cocktail in the late afternoon and enjoy every last fleeting moment of it. July will be here all to soon with it's triple scorching digits and all of you in Central Park, Maine, North Carolina and everywhere else can rub it in my face if you please.

I love papaya's subtle, floral sweetness and it's buttery texture. Make sure you choose the smaller tropical ones, not the giant ones from Mexico, in my experience those smell and taste like vomit. Sorry, just warning you. The smaller ones are as I described above just make sure you wait until they are very ripe to get the full tropical flavor experience, otherwise they are fairly tasteless. It's pretty safe to buy frozen papaya as I did for these margaritas. Paired with mango, a squeeze of lime juice and a bit of ginger and you have yourself one damn good margarita.

What could make this situation any more perfect? Two things. Shrimp and margaritas. duh.

National Margarita Day was on Saturday and just in the nick of time for most of you clinging to your coats, scarves and blankies in knee deep snow. ick. If you aren't fortunate to be able to celebrate this occasion outdoors, there is absolutely NO reason IMHO not to turn up the heat, put on a tank top and blend up a tropical margarita this afternoon! It's quite rude not to honor holidays you know. Quite rude.

Heather from GirliChef put together a little party to celebrate this worthy National party, made up or not I've yet to find out. Who cares? If I get to mix up a margarita or two (or three) and sit outside in the fabulous Sonoran sun then I'm celebrating!

Of course, I managed to somehow miss the link up in time (see disclaimer above) and didn't realize my post didn't auto load that morning because I had to work all day. On a Saturday. On National Margarita Saturday no less. Bummer. Ah well, nothing a Papaya, Mango and ginger margarita can't fix. Mood brightened!

If you too are in need of a cold frozen Margarita, head over to GirliChef for an impressive list of margaritas. If fact, their are Margaritas on the rocks, Margarita cupcakes, drunken shrimp and more!

2 cups frozen papaya and mango
1 inch piece of fresh ginger
2 limes, juiced
2/3 cup blanco tequila
4 oz. triple sec or Cointreau 

Blend, enjoy, repeat.
Chile Sugar to garnish on rim

I made a big bowl of Drunken Shrimp Pasta to go with our frozen Papaya Mango Margaritas and needles to say, we were in 7th heaven that evening sitting outside in the setting Phoenix sun sipping on our drinks and slurping up the spicy sauce from fettuccine noodles. Check back in a couple of days for the recipe, It's the best shrimp pasta I've ever had if I must say so myself.



  1. I am so insanely jealous of your sunshine!!! Send some my way, pretty please? :)

    1. I wish I could bottle it up and share! Margaritas do wonders for the imagination! ;)

  2. Yum, these look perfect for beautiful weather! I also have a problem - our Polar Vortex is returning to the single digits for the foreseeable future so it isn't Margarita weather. But after we thaw????? I'm having one - or ONE pitcher! Cheers!

  3. This looks terrific, Gwen.

  4. Your margaritas look heavenly. Can't wait for your pasta recipe.

  5. Haven't had papaya since we were in Hawaii. I loved them smoothie and can imagine how delicious they are in a margarita. Love the bit of ginger thrown in!

  6. great recipes in this blog

  7. Ohhhhhh yes! I have been in SUCH a mood for a margarita the past few days. I absolutely adore papaya and mango together in other things (tropical sherbet, anyone?) so this sounds perfect. I'm pickin' up a bottle of tequila and some fruit from the store to try out tomorrow night!


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