Simply Healthy Family: Day 1 of "Drop a Dress Size Challenge" What I'm eating this week.


Day 1 of "Drop a Dress Size Challenge" What I'm eating this week.

Day 1 of holding myself accountable. Day 1 of no more excuses. Day 1 to the new me. I'm excited and a little nervous I'll screw it up. Today I'm doing pretty good, I had my vegan chocolate Shakeology for breakfast which is pretty yummy and really hits the spot. I blend it up with almond milk and ice so it's more of a shake which I need to cool me off here in July in Phoenix. Even first thing in the morning it's hot, damn hot. I've had my coffee because there's just no way around that for me. I did have almond/coconut milk in it instead of my usual half and half. I've had a big glass of water, I plan on keeping a big glass of water next to me at all times, with a straw, you drink more with a straw.

However, it's 12:37 p.m. and I haven't worked out yet. I'm soooo not a morning person and I always find 47 other things that I 'need' to do in the mornings like making out a grocery list and weekly menu while sipping on my coffee. I need to work on that.

I did take my measurements which wasn't pretty. At all. It will be good to see the changes in my body as the weeks go by though and seeing those numbers were a huge eye opener! This is a 90 day challenge I'm doing with 8 other ladies and run by my long time blogging buddy Jennifer at The Fit Housewife, she's amazing!

So, here's what I'll be eating this week. It's important to have a healthy meal plan so there is no last minute "I guess we'll have to order a pizza" nights. I work 3 days this week, one day until 9:30p.m. So I have to accommodate for that.


Mostly Shakeology
On my days off from work, veggie scrambled eggs
On Saturday:

Fruit, berries, peaches & nectarines are in season
 Apples w Almond Butter
Veggies and Hummus
Crudites with goat cheese or Laughing Cow cheese


Tuna salad minus the mayo w radishes and celery on top of baby spinach
Grilled Chicken salad  Iced Tea
Turkey Roll ups w lettuce and red bell pepper  Iced Tea


I've purged my pantry of my trigger foods, really only potato chips and stocked it with plenty of healthy foods and have made healthy grab and go snacks like my banana sunflower cookies from my previous post.

My Goal this Week:
No wine after dinner! ;}



  1. Love it!! Being healthy can be fun and delish, as shown in your bright pictures. Thanks for the inspiration SHF! :)

    xoxo Chow Down SF

  2. Eating right while losing weight is so crucial. It's the worst when you feel like there's nothing good to seems to me like you've got tasty covered though! :) good luck with your new lifestyle xx

  3. I am definitely a morning person...and usually need two breakfasts.
    All the best with the 90-day challenge!


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