Simply Healthy Family: Albion Fit Give Away! What's your inspiration?


Albion Fit Give Away! What's your inspiration?

Inspiration. It's a big word. It can mean so many different things to different people. It can be a person, a place or a state of mind. What exactly does it mean to you? What do you aspire to be?  To do?
To become? We all have different goals, hopes, dreams and on the flip side, distractions, obstacles and difficulties. What is your inspiration? Your aspiration?

When you were a child maybe you dreamed of being picked first to play on the kickball (or tether ball in my case)  team. Maybe you wanted to be popular. Be fastest, strongest, have the coolest clothes. Maybe you hoped for unity in your family, peace in your life, consistency and security. Not to be picked on. To have a best friend. Did someone inspire you to want to become a dancer, a teacher, a writer,  a rock star ;)

Now that you are an adult your aspirations and goals most likely have changed. Maybe the are simpler, maybe they are more complex. Do you hope to pay off debt? Save for retirement? Be a more fit and healthier you. It's funny the things we worried about as a child, a teenager and young adult as apposed to what we worry about and dream of now. The things we took for granted then and what we hold near and dear now.

I suppose I took health and fitness for granted when I was a teenager. Well, more like I had no clue what being healthy and fit was at all. I thought that if I ate a can of Chef Boy R D (is that how you spell it?) for lunch and that was all  I ate that day then I was golden. All that mattered to me was not hitting 120lbs which was  not healthy for my 5' 7" frame.  {I had a boyfriend in the Marines who jokingly called me fat}

Then I started having kids..... and kept having them ;} I had my first son at age 19 and after that, the weight came off pretty easily. I actually had time to go to the gym and looking back I was in pretty good shape even though I weighed closer to 150lbs  instead of 120 and at the time thought I was fat. Looking back I was actually in great shape, again with the taking things for granted.

Fast forward 18 years later....... wow, 18 years... and tack on another 25-30 lbs. and a whole lot less energy and spunk and I have come to a point in my life where I am in desperation to get back into shape. To get into the very best shape of my life. That is my goal.

 I need it.

 Feeling good about myself again and being healthy for my kids is my inspiration. My drive. It keeps me sane.

What inspires me? My children's energy. My very energetic and triathlon loving younger sister, Rachel, my new group of friends doing the "Drop a Dress Size in 30 Days" program with me on Facebook. Going to Nordstrom Rack and trying on cute clothes and then refusing to buy them until I can look good in them. Boy am I saving money! ;}

What inspires me to actually get off my butt and work out? Well comfortable and cute work out clothes totally help! You've gotta look cute while working out right?  Right!

Albion's super cute tennis clothing reminds me that I've been telling myself for 2 years now that
 I want to start playing again!

 And their swim suits? ADORABLE! 

Lucky you, Albion Fit is giving away a $50 Gift Certificate to 
one lucky Simply Healthy Family fan!

To enter:
Only available to residents of the U.S. (sorry to my peeps abroad)
Can not have won an Albion Fit give away in the last 6 months.
Please visit Albion Fit and tell me what your favorite piece is.

Also, Albion Fit is offering $20 off any purchase of $50 or more for 
Simply Healthy Family readers!
Just use the code: simplyhealthy20 at checkout. 

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