Simply Healthy Family: Preparing for Food Revolution Day with Jamie Oliver: Healthy Snacking


Preparing for Food Revolution Day with Jamie Oliver: Healthy Snacking

Let's get straight to it shall we? I am under the impression that most of you are busy peeps and don't have time to read about another "The importance of eating healthy" post. So am I, I totally get it! We live in a time where if it can't be done NOW, made NOW or instantly downloaded onto one of our many electronic devices which will tell us how to do it while we drive, change a diaper or get ready for work than forget about it!

Case and point, wait.

A picture is worth a thousand words.........
Totally me on some days.  We all have them.

Moving on.

So how do you teach people who are reluctant for various reasons to eat more healthy foods?

I hear it wherever I go. From strangers, friends and co-workers alike. 

"I just don't have time to make home made meals and snacks!"

"I have no idea how to cook, so why try?"

and when I give them some of my simplest (IMHO) recipes I often get:

"I've never heard of half of that stuff."
"My family would never eat that!"

and my favorite...... wait for it......

"But, where's the chocolate?"

While I honestly and truly do understand that the majority of us don't have the means or know how about eating healthy, home made foods it's the complete lack of interest in trying that tends to irk me. I am a work in progress, big time! I am by NO means the epitome of total health. I will always be learning and striving to better myself and teach my kids the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. I can only hope that more people will continue to try as well.

For years I've mentioned these points and tips to friends, family and co-workers with mixed reactions. Mostly I get the for mentioned comments. Many of these people eat fairly healthy given their circumstances, the economy etc. but can do much better!

I aim to teach people how to radically cut down in processed, packaged and sugary foods/snacks and help them gain an appreciation for healthy home made ones. At the very, very least remove the stigma that making things home made is such an unbearable chore.

I was contacted by a representative of Jamie Oliver's last week about getting involved in 
another one of his challenges & fundraisers. School will be coming to an end for my children but I thought this would be a perfect chance to bring some of my simple snacks into work along with the 
recipes for my busy co-workers. 

Cross your fingers for me!

Meanwhile here are a few of my families favorite healthy snacks. I make them in advance, freeze them and pop them out for school snacks, hiking, camping etc.

Banana Chocolate Crisp Granola Bars

Chocolate Hazelnut Chia Seed Pudding

Peanut Butter Craisen Millet Crispies




  1. Hi Gwen!! Adore your blog. It's so important to remember to be healthy with your food - I'm craving those banana granola bars! Good luck with Jamie Oliver how cool!!

    Follow back if you can :)
    xoxo Chels

  2. really eating and preparing healthy food is so much easier than people think! If only they would try...

  3. This is such a great and important initiative! Congrats on being a part of it! We love your recipes - keep them coming! Grabbed the button and will post over on Barefoot by the Sea of course! ;)

  4. How cool! Finger crossed for you, Gwen.
    Eating healthy, clean and balanced is the key to any diet.

    1. So true! Thanks Angie.

  5. When I don't have the time to prepare for healthy meal I just buy them cooked already.


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