Simply Healthy Family: No resolutions this year, just letting go of "Mommy Guilt" and making a doable "Bucket List".


No resolutions this year, just letting go of "Mommy Guilt" and making a doable "Bucket List".

I never was one for New Year's Resolutions, which is good because word on the street is that they aren't in style at the moment. I did try a detox of sorts last year but that was only half hearted and lasted around 5 days..... sort of.  Of course that doesn't mean that this isn't a great opportunity to get back into healthy habits and make more of a commitment to working out. I also decided last night around 2 a.m. to make a "bucket list" of a few realistic things I have really been wanting to do but never get around to and also to let go of a couple of things that have been unnecessarily stressing me out and bogging be down.

I tend to worry about "the small stuff" in the middle of the night and feel guilty over things that many mom's do like not spending enough time with the kids, getting mad at them to often or for not doing enough monumental or extravagant stuff as a mom.

So, like I was saying, around 2 a.m  (1:37 a.m. to be exact - that's how crazy I am)   I had an epiphany of sorts:  Cut it out. Let it go. Start living in the moment. Jot it down so it feels real and you can stop worrying about it.

simple enough.

Except that while harnessing my inner chi and jotting down these ground breaking revelations on a new me, I snapped at my 3 year old for crying and made a smart ass comment to my husband who was trying to help me find a picture on this newfangled computer.

Onward and upward.....  sighhh.

2 lists,   One:  my Bucket List which will  not  include anything monumental like reorganizing the attic or taking a trip..... anywhere.  Keeping it simple.

Two:  my Toss it and forget it list which will include any and every silly thing that has been 
bogging me down lately. 

Basically, I really need to appreciate all of the many blessings that are in my life 
focus on the good things and toss the rest.

Gwen's Bucket List:

1.  Sign Mona up for a mommy and me dance class and be  grateful  that my job is flexible enough that I can go with her.

2.  Take the kids to a different park every week. There are a ton of parks around here and if I work it at the right angle it will be a huge treat for them.   Leave cell phone in car and PLAY with them.

3. Spend more 1 on 1  quality  time with each of my children  i.e.. a simple "Date Night", fun lunch or craft project,  including the one who thinks he knows everything because he is 18 and doesn't have time for quality time with his mom unless he is being financially compensated for said quality time.

4. {remember to add to Toss it and Forget it list to stop being so mean to for mentioned teenager}

5. Resume learning Spanish. I already have the complete Rosetta Stone program.... somewhere. It was important to me at one time. It still is. It will be a major accomplishment even if I only learn a little.

6. Resume tennis lessons or at least going to the park to play tennis with my husband.

7. Take secretive private tennis lessons from a cute tennis instructor so you can finally beat your smug  dear husband in tennis even though taking couples tennis lessons last year was your idea.

8. Hike more often!!! I live on the base of a mountain and it's one of my favorite ways to excersise and feel good. Make time to do it.

Snuggle my little snug bugs more! Sit on the floor and play with them. Draw with them, read to them, sing with them, dance with them and most importantly, listen to them. Every single silly little word that is mispronounced and every story that is so excitingly told. Cherish them and try to toss out the thought that they will soon be grown up and gone because it keeps you up at night and wastes valuable energy.

Gwen's Toss it and  Forget  it List:

1.  Don't  worry  about taking that big trip to Lego Land right this second. Take the kids to a different park this week, they'll have just as much time spending the day with you.  Feed the ducks, throw a frisbee, climb on the jungle gym with them.  Oh, bring a picnic and some change for the ice cream man.

2. Stop feeling guilty about spending a little bit of time on the computer writing on your blog!   Remember that it's therapeutic, just a fun hobby not a career and having a few minutes to yourself each week isn't really that much to ask for. 

3.  Continue to enjoy Pinterest but only if I can stop feeling guilty about not being able to do every single {awesome} project, DIY or decorating shenanigan on there.  

4. Stop worrying that my closet isn't color/type/seasonally organized....... scratch that one. Who can live  with an  unorganized  closet for God's sake?   

5. Something about being nice to your teenager.......  ehhh.

Snug Bug #1  a.k.a.  annoying teenager.  When I'm not frustrated at him for doing something goofy and teenager-ish, I miss him because he's not here. Go figure. I'm proud of him. Very proud of the young man he's become, nervous about the choices and mistakes he will make and the future that is ever so swiftly upon him.

Snug Bug #2  My ever energetic, always happy, quick witted, very loud and boisterous son who loves to build things, take apart things, annoy his little brother and sister, help mom vacuum and wants to be a scientist/artist when he grows up.

Snug Bug #3  My snuggle of all snug bugs. My shy, sensitive, intuitive, thoughtful little guy. As quiet and sweet in your best as you are inconsolable and stubborn in your worst. I hope your crazy love for video games turns out to have some sort of benefit as a surgeon or fighter pilot. When I look at you, even while you are in one of your inexplicable tantrums I see my tiny newborn baby who every time I held melted into my arms and chest and calmed me to the very center of my being.

Snug Bug #4     My baby girl.  The princess of the house and knows it. At 3 years old I can already tell you have a very strong and confident personality {with 3 older brothers I guess you'd have to).  After 3 boys and hundreds of baseball games I'm having the time of my life doing girly things like dance classes, playing with dolls and making bows for your hair. 



  1. LOVE THIS POST. Amen to that! Great pics...I need a bucket list too that we will actually do. Thanks, as always for the inspiration Gwen!

  2. I couldn't agree more...resolutions are so passe....but figuring out how to take life by the horns and enjoy every minute of it. As good as it gets. Love your bucket'll be whooping your hubby on the tennis court in no time!

    1. HaaaHaaa, thanks for the support!

  3. Oh Gwen, you are such an inspiration to me! I hope I can be a mom like you! I need to start my own bucket list. Thank you for sharing with us. You bring brightness to so many people's days!

    1. Monet, I'm positive you will be a wonderful mommy! ;)


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