Simply Healthy Family: 10 Healthy Soups to Keep You Warm and Happy and Well.


10 Healthy Soups to Keep You Warm and Happy and Well.

We're knee deep into winter  (o.k. I'm not because I live in Phoenix, but the rest of you look pretty cold and miserable ;)    and we are all exhausted from the Holiday's and need some time to rest and relax. I know I ate more than my fair share of Holiday ham, mashed potatoes, cookies and pie and oh yeah, there was that surprise dinner at my dear sister in laws home of Prime Rib, caramelized onion and green beans with home made Au jus and horse radish, Mmmmmmmm.

Totally worth the calories (I have to tell myself that to avoid overwhelming guilt).  But now that it's all over I'm ready for simple meals that take very little time and yet offer a fulfilling and  healthy  end to a cold and exhausting day.

How about you?

I have been sick for almost TWO whole stinking weeks. That's two week of my life completely wasted away and gone. I  h.a.t.e.  admitting I'm sick which is why I think this cold got the best of me and turned into the world's worst bronchitis with a side of pneumonia and a dash of a sinus infection.  If I were a smart girl I would have rested and taken better care of myself while it was a mild cold and not pushed myself through the Holiday celebrations and gluttony with feverish joy........

Denial does nothing for warding off the flu, or in my case coal miners lung.

On a positive note,

I work in the medical profession and know a good lung transplant doctor and also have a good friend on the transplant team. Maybe I could talk them into doing me a solid and performing quadruple lung transplant on me. If that doesn't work out I have another friend in the Pharmacy who might be able to score me a hard core sedative so I can just sleep through the rest of this thing.

On a less positive note,

Being sick and having to call in to work 4 days in a row whether you're dying or not is a sin not easily forgiven when you work in a hospital.... full of sick people. Try getting sympathy from a group of nurses and doctors who are patching up holes in peoples spleens before breakfast.

No dice.

Back on a positive note:

Here is my list of our families favorite soups. We can not get enough of these during the 2 months of winter we have here in Phoenix and not feeling guilty after 'indulging'  is an added bonus. I hope you try some of these 'lightened' up soups, bisque's and stews. I know you'll love them too.

Try this healthier version of a classic creamy soup with 
Potato Leek Soup Make Over.  It's healthier but definitely not lacking in flavor, you'll be surprised at one of the ingredients used to add depth and flavor.

Want to try something new and incredibly delicious? Of course you do! This sauerkraut soup was a huge hit with my family and is one of our new favorite go to 'comfort foods'.  Cooking the sauerkraut actually makes it taste a bit sweet!  Trust me, even your picky eaters will love this one.

This Harvest Turkey Soup is super simple to make with whatever veggies you have on hand. Use any variety of squash, sweet potato and fresh or frozen veggie you like. If you don't hoard frozen turkey like I do then chicken breast will do.

Pozole is one of my most cherished meals. I've only made it a couple of times from scratch because to make it authentically requires a lot of prep work and an attention span that I seem to have temporarily traded in for  breaking up major LEGO disputes, tending to owie after owie and wiping noses. Basically just keeping 4 kids alive all day is my full time job right now.

Sweet potato and almond butter give this soup a creamy, decadent texture.

Zuppa Toscana is probably the only thing other than salad that I've had at Olive Garden.
There's just something so comforting in the slight spiciness of the Italian sausage and the perfectly thin cut potatoes with the skin still hanging on. The bits of kale floating around in the soup add just enough hardy green veggie to the soup without going over the top.  

The blu cheese was a fabulously unexpected addition to this classic comfort soup.  The fresh thyme really brought out all the flavors of the vegetables. Crispy bacon sprinkled on top of the potato soup had everyone scraping their bowls for the very, last drop.

Traditionally, a good Mexican meal starts with a nice bowl of soup as a first course, just after the appetizers. It can be a simple broth, accompanied with lemon or lime to be squeezed into it, some radish, onion, chili peppers and cilantro leaves for flavour. Or a more elaborated recipe, using seafood, meat, pasta, legumes and vegetables.

Cauliflower Yam Bisque

I make this quick and hearty bisque by using two of my favorite kitchen tools:
My Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker and my handy immersion blender.

Thai Chicken Lemongrass-Coconut Soup
{Tom Kha Gai}

Nothing makes me feel instantly warm and happy like this classic Thai soup. It gets it's zing from classic Thai ingredients like: Coconut milk, lemongrass, fresh ginger, lime juice, chile paste, basil and cilantro.

Last but not Least!.......

Gazpacho {Chilled tomato based soup}

This is a powerhouse of vitamins and protein! 
So many good things for you in this zesty little glass of juice.

Miso is an excellent source of several vitamins and minerals including, zinc, copper, vitamin K,  magnesium and B-12.
Honestly, I couldn't spend enough time telling you about all of the health benefits of this delicious and naturally salty soup.
Best of all, it's probably the simplest to make!

This is in all respects a 'peasant stew'.  Peasant stew can be defined by using just a few simple ingredients that are already in your cupboard or ice box. That's what happened here. I had purchased a big stock of Brussels and needed to use up the last bit. Poooor Brussels. 

What are your favorite soups that get you through these cold winter months and help you recover from sickness?



  1. I'm going to try a few of those soups :)
    Hope you feel better soon! I always get bronchitis and sinus infection just before Christmas every year!! Not nice at all.

  2. I HATE admitting I'm getting sick also...mostly because I rarely do so it's hard to believe when it actually happens. I hope you feel better soon! These soups will surely nurse you back to health!

  3. I'll try the Sauerkraut and Sausage soup first. We're having a mini warm spell here, but it's supposed to get back to normal (cold!) starting tomorrow. The soup and some homemade bread will make a great meal.

    My go-to soup in the winter is Potato Soup with Butter Dumplings. My mom, who died when I was 16, made this soup. I couldn't find the recipe in any of her cookbooks or recipe box. Neither her sister nor any of her friends knew how to make it. Nearly 20 years after she died, I found this recipe:

    I found the recipe in the same place as the person who posted it and have the original in my recipe binder.

    I use a cup of milk instead of the sour cream (I don't like the "tang" of the sour cream in this soup). I also usually blend part or all of the soup before adding the dumplings, then add the milk and let it get hot.

    1. Sounds wonderful! I love home made dumplings!

  4. I can't pass up a leek and potato soup, although the Thai coconut soup looks amazing too!

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  6. 0Hmmm.. Mouth watering. Will surely try few of those.
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