Simply Healthy Family: New Years Day Traditions: Potato Collard Cakes with Simple Rouille and Black Eyed Peas with Collards and Sweet Potatoes


New Years Day Traditions: Potato Collard Cakes with Simple Rouille and Black Eyed Peas with Collards and Sweet Potatoes

Do you believe in the importance of traditions? How about folklore and superstition? Even if you don't I think it's fun to celebrate Holiday's and special occasions by making special memories and creating lasting traditions that will comfort and make your family and friends feel special.

This is actually a post I did last year but honestly, it was so good I just can't imagine making anything else to celebrate the New Year.

We all know that eating black-eyed peas on New Year's Day is supposed to bring good luck and prosperity. 

Black-eyed peas are a common Southern dish, and the practice of eating them for luck is generally believed to have begun during the Civil War. When Union soldiers moved through Mississippi, they burned all the crops except the peas because it was believed that only farm animals ate them. When Southerners found that black-eyed peas were the only food left, they considered the legumes a sign of good fortune. 

Other legends say that the practice dates to ancient Egypt when it was believed that eating a meager food like black-eyed peas showed humility before the gods and you would receive blessings of prosperity in return. 

Whatever you believe this recipe is fancy enough to  celebrate with family or friends on New Years Day and simple and healthy to start your year off to a healthy new way of living.

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Do you have any special traditions or foods you celebrate with on 
New Years Day?

Have a wonderful New Year!
Simply Healthy Family



  1. I don't think I've ever eaten black eyed peas...but maybe that should be a goal for this year! Your dishes definitely look gourmet and wonderful. Such interesting stories on why they bring good luck...

  2. Love those savory little cakes!

  3. Not during New Year per se but the Chinese do have traditions and food during the Chinese New Year - which is just a month away from now. E.g Eating fish that means having surplus and abundance, Mandarin oranges with symbolism to fortune and a lot more! :)

    I like how you include collards in the cakes and I should really cook with collards more often.

  4. We do love tradition in our family and meals are one of the ways we celebrate the holidays each year. We have Chinese Hot Pot with our extended family for Christmas - it's a tradition we've been celebrating for years - my kids would go crazy if we didn't make this each year.

  5. I love traditions like these. We don't have too many, except sauerkraut for New Year's :)

  6. Gwen, I must make this recipe, it looks delicious and healthy! Another winner if my book! Happy New Year my friend!

  7. I wish I had had the foresight to get my act together to eat some traditional New Year's food on New Year's. Perhaps I'll make these this week...I mean, it must still count if it's within the month of January, right?

  8. Oh yum...these look irresistible! I like adding black eyed peas to southwest salads, they add a wonderful smokiness. I'll have to try these!


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