Simply Healthy Family: Golden Glittered Poinsettas ~ Home Made Gift Giving


Golden Glittered Poinsettas ~ Home Made Gift Giving

Usually this time of year I'm completely stressed out, cranky and worn to bits. The endless 'To Do' list is insurmountable and catches me off guard every year. I decided to take a different approach this year and make things much simpler for myself and my family. While I can't say I've completely succeeded, I am definitely feeling happier and full of the Christmas spirit for the first time in a while.

Usually, in the weeks preceding Christmas I spend most of my time worrying about buying the perfect gifts and then end up forgetting what I've actually purchased and end up frantically running from store to store in the days before Christmas buying junk that will be tossed aside in the matter of minutes.

No more I say! No more. All of my friends said I wouldn't stick to my convictions, but not only have I managed to not buy oodles of things and masses of prettily packaged rubbish but I have found a way to keep things simple and personal with small, home made gifts from the heart.

People just want to feel loved and cared about. I know I do. Even if you don't have lots of money you can probably find a way to let the people you care about know it with a simple gift from the heart.

Do you bake? Drop by a neighbors home with a small batch of cookies and make their day.
Are you crafty? No? Me neither. Pick up a poinsettia and  spray a bit of Gold Glitter on the tips of the leaves  and watch it transform into a beautiful Holiday centerpiece.

This falls under the category  "SEAMO4CDI"!
{So Easy a Mom of 4 Can Do It}



  1. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I love this idea for the holidays! I am NOT crafty at all, but I could pull this off . Have a wonderful weekend, Gwen!

  2. Amen, sister! This is what Christmas should be about...thoughtful, simple gifts that bring out the innate creativity in us all. Thank you for sharing, my friend!


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