Simply Healthy Family: Just for Fun Friday.


Just for Fun Friday.

Happy Friday everyone! Despite the kids being sick and trying to drag me down with them for the last couple of weeks I am keeping my spirits high and focusing on the changing of the season. I love Fall and we are ready for some cooler weather here in Phoenix for sure. It's a little depressing that it never really cools down enough to adorn all of the cute cold weather styles that I love like tall boots, cute coats and lovely scarves unless I go at at night which doesn't happen very often these days, kids crampin my style..... the darlings. But a girl can dream can't she?

I am also itching to visit some where that is bursting with autumn color and feeling, some place where there are front porches with pumpkins and potted plants, lawns with orange, yellow and red leaves scattered about and apples and pears that haven't traveled across the country to reach us out here in the desert.

I can't wait to go Trick-or-Treating this year with the kids {assuming they aren't sick}. We found a cute little neighborhood nearby that is built from mid-west architecture in mind with all of the for-mentioned things I mentioned and cobblestone streets, beautiful lush landscaping and a very festive and small town feel. This is very exciting for us since most all of the houses here in Phoenix are stucco 'cookie cutter' homes and small, rocky front yards with no personality.

What are you most excited for about Fall?

Where do you live and what do you enjoy about it?


just for fun Friday......


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  1. Jessica @ Barefootbysea10/21/2011

    Love pumpkin picking, stews, fall soups, butternut squash, trick or treaters and the littles getting o, so excited for the busy upcoming holiday season!

  2. If you want to visit, we have plenty of fall going on around here! Leaves changing color and more than enough local apples to go around!

  3. girl, I am on the next flight to N.Y.! You better be careful when inviting a cooped up mom of 4 for a v-k! ;)

  4. Mary Bergfeld10/23/2011

    My choice would have to be the smells that come from the fall kitchen. I love to cook atthis time of year. I loved your photos and really enjoyed the time I spent here. Have a great day. Blessings...Marye

  5. Love tall boots. So we moved to Missouri and it's been cold- one day in the 40s, today in the 70s. I have definitely been able to wear cold weather clothes but now I am 9 mos pregnant and nothing fits! Being from Texas I know how you feel though....although I guess we get more changes in weather than Pheonix. Have a happy Halloween!


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