Simply Healthy Family: Prelude to Fall: Great DIY Ideas and Photography


Prelude to Fall: Great DIY Ideas and Photography

Living in the desert, it's really hard to get your fall fix on. So I have to live vicariously throughout the Internet, pinterest and my friend Becky whom I try to visit in Indiana during the fall months. The fact that it stays in the 90's for most of the fall season around here does not stop me from my obsession with boots, jackets and big chunky scarves. I make excuses to go out in the cooler evenings just so I can wear them without looking quite so ridiculous. I nearly jumped out of my seat when I saw that one of my favorite bands, Calexico is coming to Flagstaff and Prescott in October where it is much, much cooler than here in Phoenix. 
I'm already packing. 

These are some of my favorite fall photos and projects   I've been collecting from all over the web. What did I do before Pinterest?
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My 2 year old daughter just saw this picture and said "Ooooooooo Ooooooo, Pretttttyyyyy!"
Great. Now I have to buy this... or learn how to be creative.

Prettiest Scarecrow ever from  here

decorating the house inside and out with fun toys

I bought these cute WICKED blocks from here 


easy shrunken heads tutorial found here

Halloween parties in the cool crisp air.

cute witches broom party favor bags here.

i just love cool kids places like this. so do my kids. photo found  here.

Lovely orange door and entry from   Rusty Blue Bird

Pumpkin Topiary tutorial found at Midnight in the Garden of Evil

for the love of Granny bags. photo found  here

Time for a cup of home made
cider, boots and falling leaves

Pottery Barn gets it right every time. i love this.

Pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns and hayrides.

i love everything about this photo. The gorgeous jack-o-lanterns
the cool old tree. The solitude of the landscape
You can actually feel the chill in the air can't you?

My friends, What are you excited for about FALL?
Share your ideas and traditions with us.



  1. Allthingsyummyforfoodies9/16/2011

    Love the little girl costume. I'm excited for all the yummy pumpkin, cinnamon, squash flavors. Fall is so beautiful.

  2. Jen@familyfoodfitnessandfun9/17/2011

    Love that last photo of the pumpkins! I love pumpkin season and the cool crisp air.

  3. Great pictures! I love the colors and decorations of fall....but I like the warm weather!

  4. Love it all, especially those boots! I'm on perfect tan boot hunt at the moment!!

  5. Jessica @ Cajunlicious9/18/2011

    Amazing photos, love the little girl Prettiest Scarecrow ever so cute!!!

  6. I love the scarecrow costume. It never occurs to me that the costume doesn't have to look exactly like the character and that I can think outside the box a bit! :)

  7. me too. me too. it's a never ending obsession i'm afraid.

  8. yes, and I bet it's not to hard to make for a lot cheaper!

  9. Wow- what a beautiful website- I'm so glad you visited mine! I can't wait to read more!

  10. Those jack-o-lanterns in the last photo are amazing! I keep hearing people talk about Pinterest... maybe I should check it out.


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