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Every Day Learning Opportunities

You don't have to be a home schooling mom to take the opportunity to teach your children new and fun things every day. You don't even need to buy lesson planners, organizers or work books. In fact, I've found that spur of the moment learning opportunities from things found around your home or neighborhood are often some of the best and most fun ways for kids to learn and grow.

When we drive around town doing every day errands we play different games by me asking the kids questions about they're 'town'. When we pass a field or farm I ask them what  they think  is growing there or what animals live there and what they provide for us; minerals, vitamins, energy, healthy bodies etc. We also talk about what makes plants grow: soil, air, sunshine, water and of course tractors! And in contrast, we talk about what things do not grow on a farm: candy, soda pop and cookies and why they are bad for us. I let the kids do their own brainstorming, helping them out a little when my 5 year old names things like hot dogs and potato chips that he thinks grow on a farm.

On Sunday mornings when my husband and I sit down to read the paper {well he reads, I get to cut out coupons, what a deal ;) we take the opportunity again to learn about food and categories. I let the boys, age 5 and 6 cut out things that we 'need' at the store and then put them in their proper categories; dairy, meat, vegetables, fruit, and junk food. This provides another opportunity to talk about healthy food choices and why certain foods are in each category. The boys love this because they are helping mommy with the house hold chores and I love it that it is Fun Learning. 

When the kids run out of  food to cut out they have fun cutting out toys that they think each other would like or a lawn mower or tent for daddy and curtains and pots and pans for mommy (when did I start wanting those things over clothes and jewelry? sighhhh)

Now, if only I could actually read the paper and finish my cup of coffee before noon. Someday.

Sometimes we save the pictures they clip out and the next day we use glue sticks to make an alphabet book.
The kids write each letter of the alphabet on pieces of paper and glue the pictures onto the correct page depending on the letter they start with. 

Not only is this a free project but it keeps them busy for like 30 whole minutes!

What we've learned:

Letters and Sounds
Fine Motor Skills
Nutrition & Food Groups
How things Grow

What are some things you do with your kids to promote learning?

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  1. awwww I gotta love your kids!

  2. MPfennighaus9/27/2011

    Yah, my mom used to take me grocery shopping as a little one, show me all the different veggies, let me touch and smell as they went in our cart. It wasn't an errand, it was fun!

  3. Jessica @ Barefootbysea9/27/2011

    I feel your pain. I can't remember when I read more than one or two articles from the Sunday paper. Maybe someday???? This is great though - you're such a fantastic MOM!

  4. We do a lot of gardening together and talk about how plants, fruits and vegetables grow. It cva be a riot- the other day my daughter informed me that flowers never get to sit down!

  5. Haaa! kids are great. Make ya think about things in another perspective for sure.

  6. I love it. Yay for mommies! I let my little ones pick out which lentils, beans ect they want so when I make them I can say, " Hey, these are the lentils you picked out, remember?!" tricky. ;)


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