Simply Healthy Family: My Secret Weapon to Beat the Heat. Strawberry-Coconut Smoothies P.S. Dear Monsoon: Please hurry.


My Secret Weapon to Beat the Heat. Strawberry-Coconut Smoothies P.S. Dear Monsoon: Please hurry.

Rain would be a true God send right now here in Phoenix. It always looks like even the cacti are going to give up and die during the endlessly long summer's here. I guess too much of anything can wear on one's nerves. Come July, after most people get tired of mindlessly commenting or joking about the stifling dry heat, all one can do is wipe off the continual beads of sweat rolling down their necks and pray for the monsoon.

Monsoon season is nothing short of a true miracle. Natures wrath at her finest. After months and months without a single drop of rain the sky darkens without notice and beautiful violent rains pour from the wakened sky and hit the hard, cracked desert floor. There is no drier dust than that found in the Arizona desert in July. Just when the cacti start to wilt and the weary desert animals are ready to call it quits, God sends them relief. And He doesn't skimp on the job. 

The smell is my favorite part of the monsoons. It's no ordinary rain. The layers of dust and sand that have accumulated on the streets and in my nose can only be washed away by the heavy rains of August. I wait anxiously starting mid July for the chance to sit outside amidst the sheets of rain and furious winds that wash every trace of dust from the startled desert. It lasts only for a few minutes but is enough to quench the deserts thirst for many more months. It is energizing   refreshing   uplifting invigorating and restores even the most lifeless soul.

During these long, hot months in the desert it is difficult to want to eat, let along cook anything. We need to save every single ounce of energy that we have so that the heat doesn't drag us down and reduce us to ashes. Water is our best friend but my secret weapon is coconut water which instantly rejuvenates me and gives me the energy to make it through the entire days obstacles which includes getting the mail while the sun is still out.

You think I'm joking?

Coconut Water + Frozen Berries =  Extreme Heat Blaster

When I'm feeling like I want a sweet treat and need some extra refreshing, I always go for these Strawberry-Coconut smoothies. They take all of 3 minutes to make and are a gazillion times healthier (and tastier IMO) than milk shakes or fast food smoothies. I think it important to note that even the drinks labeled "Real Fruit Smoothies" are not in fact good for you. At all. Period. And that includes popular Juice Joints. Sorry.

I keep a big bag of frozen berries from Costco in my freezer and plenty of coconut water around to make these smoothies throughout the summer months. They taste even better when sitting in the pool oddly enough. :)

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  1. this is just awesome ....yummy..
    Tasty Appetite

  2. Mmm...those sound good. I've got Costco frozen berries and coconut water...I must make one :)

  3. Those sound SO delicious! I hope the monsoons come. I live in Florida, we get rain, but it's hurricane season - something we don't wish for!

  4. It's certainly not as hot here as it is there, but we could use some rain also! I'm going to cross our fingers for the both of us.

    And I'll also be making these smoothies. Hellagood.

  5. I don't know how you do it.(mother four kids! live in such a climate!) Everyone around here (northeast) is griping about the heat, but really, we are getting off easy compared to the southwest. It's still hot enough to want to re-charge with a smoothie--I love the idea of coconut water in this.

  6. Finally, I know what to do with coconut water. I see it everywhere, but honestly, it doesn't sound appealing on it's own. Maybe it tastes okay. Maybe I watched too many Survivor shows where all they had was coconuts and all they did was go poop. So here's to something much more refreshing than that! I'm going to pick some up this week. You always have the great idea, Gwen. You are so super creative and resourceful!

    p.s. I do hope that monsoon comes your way soon! Sounds pretty miserable.

  7. Yikes, hurricane season has got to be scary!

    Joanne, they are fo sure hellagood! ;)

    Sally, idk what's worse, hot or hot and humid. ick!

    Lauren, thx sister! I think you'll be o.k. with the whole poopin issue as long as you're not drinking gallons of coconut water and only eating mangos and fish. ;) I bet you'll be hooked like me once you try it, SOO refreshing and energizing.

  8. Mmmm....smoothies and coconut. Is there anything better? well maybe rain when needed! :)

  9. This looks really good. I love smoothies.
    Holy Cannoli Recipes

  10. This looks really good. I love smoothies.
    Holy Cannoli Recipes


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