Simply Healthy Family: Vintage Paper Doll Printables and Give Away Winners! Happy Mother's Day!


Vintage Paper Doll Printables and Give Away Winners! Happy Mother's Day!

Thank you to everyone who entered the two give aways I had going last week.

The winner of the Yarn Wreath with Felt Flowers is Jessica @Barefoot by the Sea
The winner of the set of curtains from CurtainWorks is All Things Yummy.

My oldest son picked a random  number for both give aways. I hear there's some new confangled, high tech thing-a-ma-jigger that actually does that for you. ;)  I'll have to look into that.

I will contact you both by email shortly {as soon as I can pull these kids out of my hair!}

Aren't these vintage paper dolls cute? I found them here. They remind me of similar, not quite this old but fun paper dolls I had as a kid. I loved playing with them and dressing them up. Of course with all the lights and robotics on toys nowadays these might not be exciting for most kids. Who knows, my kids seem to love the simple toys and especially when it involves crafts they can make and using their imagination.

If you'd like, I'm including the link for the full size image to print out.

Click here for the link to print this page.

Have a great weekend and a Happy Mother's Day to
all of you Mother's!



  1. I love paperdolls and yours are really nice! Reminds me when I was young... making countless clothing for the doll!

  2. Love playing these when I was a kid!
    Happy Mother's Day, Gwen!

  3. Very sweet, cut out dolls are always a hit with little ones (and actually there moms too!)


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