Simply Healthy Family: Flash Back to 1984: Old School Candy {POP} Rocks!


Flash Back to 1984: Old School Candy {POP} Rocks!

My mom has been living with me on and off (but mostly on) for many years now. It's so nice to have so much extra help around the house and with the kids. My husband is super amazing but he works long hours during the week and I am a strong believer that it takes at least 2 fairly responsible and extremely energetic adults per child in the home in order to keep them alive happy and also in order to sustain ones sanity. Having a friend to talk to during the long, crazy days that is otherwise known as  'Stay at Home Mommy Madness' really breaks up the monotony of every day life and is good practice in speaking like an adult so I can re-enter civilized society someday, God willing.

My mom has been away for a few months visiting her family and came home yesterday, Yay! Of course my 4 kids think of her as a very important part of their lives and love her to bits. Also extremely important to the little darlings are what sort of special 'prize' Gramma will bring home for them. My 4 year old thinks that Gramma is just staying at the airport while she is away. He questions several times while she is gone "When is Gramma coming home from the airport?" or "What kind of prize will Gramma bring us from the airport?" Kids are great.

So this got me thinking about how fun it is for kids when even the smallest of surprises are brought home after a trip away. My dad did it when I was little; snow globes, small treasures and dime store jewelry. My husband does it for our kids; tee-shirts, stuffed animals, toy cap guns and bows and arrows.
And Gramma brings home the best 'prizes' of all....


Usually Gramma brings fun, old fashioned candy like PEZ and Candy Necklaces. I can't help but be transported to my youth whenever I see these candies and treats. Nostalgia is a wonderfully amazing thing.  Something like PEZ and Blueberry Slushies brings back totally random memories of my neighborhood, childhood friends long forgotten and reaching up out of the pool to pick a plum off our backyard tree while swimming in my favorite blue polka dot bathing suit. Here are some of my All Time favorite childhood candies and fun treats.

I want to know!

What were your favorite treats as a child?

What things remind you of your childhood?


Paper Candy Dots

LOVED Candy Necklaces

Cinnamon Toothpicks.
Which brings back very bad memories of cinnamon oil which was very populare amoungst
stupid teenage boys to smear on your face as you walked by them in the halls of high school.
The oil would burn and leave large welts across your face and God help you if it got near your eyes.

Coke Flavored Gummies

Wax Candy


My Fav. Like Totally.

Cigarette Candy.

Oh My Gosh! Remember these? They used to sell them from the Ice Cream Trucks! Yikes.

And I couldn't leave out my beloved Garbage Pail Kids trading cards.
Does anybody remember these?
They were totally and completely disgusting and wonderful. Like totally.



  1. How funny to see some of the treats I remember from my childhood! I must admit I never eat candy nowadays , but these bring back some happy memories!

  2. What a gift for you children to have all the special time with your mom; sounds like it's a wonderful thing for the both of you too!

    What an awesome trip down Memory Lane via the Candyland Express!! You hit on so many of my childhood favs, and conjured up some I had forgotten like those cinnamon toothpicks. The only other thing I'd have to add would be Big League Chew. Garbage Pail Kids still make me simultaneously grin and shudder.

    Thank you so much for visiting me at Rook No. 17, Gwen!


  3. You hit it on the spot, right now I am in the 'Stay at Home Mommy Madness' and my Hubs too, he works long hours.

    Your candies made me laugh, memories came back, we had a lot of those as well, even though I grew up in Switzerland. Especially the Coke-Bottles, but ours were in the shape of a frog (Coke-Frogs we called them). But I never liked the flavor of the cigarette chewing gum.

  4. Okay, I'm not really that crazy about candy, but this has got me craving big time for a bit of sweetness. Particularly those cola gummies. I could easily devour a handful of those right now!

  5. Oh what a fun post! I have too many to list. I remember on summer vacation my parents gave us each a quarter to buy penny candy and back then you could get a lot! Stopped by from LBS.

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  7. Pop Rocks are totally cool! Love them when I was young!

  8. I totally remember Garbage Pail kids! I also liked lemon heads, bottle caps and my fav: sixlets.

  9. Coming from England I don't actually recognize these EXCEPT for the candy necklace - which I used to LOVE!!!
    Thanks for the step back in time. Lucky you to have your Mum so close - enjoy!!

  10. Holy cow... I forgot about most of those. My favorites were sixlets. Mmm.

    Those cigarettes didn't seem so bad at the time, but holy cow.

  11. I know! haahaa! I can't believe they sold those candy ciggarettes at the ice cream truck. I would throw a fit as a mother nowadays. ;)

  12. Smile. I want my mom to move in with us when we have kids. And I loved seeing all these childhood treats. I loved pop rocks! I'm sorry I have been so absent these past few weeks. It has been so good to return to you and your lovely blog! Thank you for sharing with me tonight. I hope you have a wonderful day.

  13. Blast from the past! I loved candy buttons. Still do! I wish they were more readily available!

  14. Ahhh! I'd do anything to have my kids remember my homemade goodies as opposed to the gummy cola bottles and pop rocks that bring me back. Though these ol' fashioned candies were fun, I know you're with me when as I root for different sweet memories for our kids!


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