Simply Healthy Family: Cookbook Review and Giveaway: Cucinar Cantando


Cookbook Review and Giveaway: Cucinar Cantando

Sometimes you come across something and you just know you have to have it. This lovely cookbook is being highlighted on Foodie Blogroll and 3 original copies are being given away to members, signing up is free.  I've read through the Cucinar Cantando webpage and the book is beautifully hand illustrated by Bruno Staccioli, one of the creators and chef's in the book.

About Cucinar Cantando

This little book is a true labor of love, and a book any lover of Italian food will treasure. The recipes are extremely rustic, with very little in terms of measurements and cooking times. It is described as a “notebook” by Bruno and Grazia, guiding the reader to sharpen their intuitive skills, even giving you place to write your own recipe notes at the end of each section alongside Bruno's notes.

You will find some of Bruno’s best recipes here, dotted with ideas, thoughts and reflections involving food in general, and more in particular the way Bruno thinks and feels about food.

After all his philosophy on cooking is right on with how I feel.

“Singing as you cook” is the secret of the best dishes, although it’s not always true that you only cook good food when you are happy. What I mean is that it is important to work at a pace, and follow a rhythm, which puts you in touch with whatever it is you are preparing. It is a kind of prayer of thanks. Our energy passes through us, and is transmitted to the ingredients, whether they be meat or vegetable, successfully turning them into things which are good to eat, delighting the palate and giving vigour to the body, and thus to the spirit, turning a humble tomato, or an anchovy, into our blood, and into our thoughts.



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