Simply Healthy Family: Okra Dippers with Home Made Buttermilk Poppy Dressing


Okra Dippers with Home Made Buttermilk Poppy Dressing

Okra is in season right now (October) and it's not just for creole or jumbolaya! Okra is a favored vegetable in jumbos and jumbolaya because of it's gummy quality when cooked, adding to the thickness of the popular Southern dish. Although know for this sticky quality, when lightly steamed okra is a sweet crunchy snack perfect for dipping! To get kids excited about trying okra serve it with a small dipping bowl of buttermilk dressing!

To prepare, wash okra and place in a steamer basket. Fill a sauce pot with just enough water to steam the okra for 3 minutes. Leave the okra pods in tact to make for fun little dipping spears. Make sure the water does not touch the okra to avoid the slimy texture. 

Check below for my simply Buttermilk Poppy Dressing!

Chop up for babies.

 * Health Benefits of Okra
  • Great source of dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins A, C and K; recommended in cholesterol controlling and weight reduction programs.

  • The rich fiber and mucilaginous content in Okra pods helps smooth peristalsis of digested food particles and relieve constipation condition.

  •  Are rich in B-complex group of vitamins like niacin, vitamin B-6, thiamin and pantothenic acid.

  • The pods are also good source of many important minerals such as iron, calcium, manganese and magnesium.

Buttermilk Poppy Dressing:

1/4 c plain yogurt
1/4 c buttermilk
pinch Stevia

1 t lemon juice
1/2 t poppy seeds

dash sea salt & freshly-ground black pepper

Okra is great for your gut! Excellent for total digestive health!



  1. Great photo of the okra and cute kiddos!

  2. yum! I love okra but never thought of eating it just like that... will have to try, definitely!

  3. thanks for highlighting new ways to try vegies! i love poppy seed dressing too-can't wait to try it.

  4. do you grow okra? we were given okra in our co-op share this past weekend. i had no idea what it was. i have plans to "oven fry" it tonight. we'll see how it goes! there's a first time for everything, right?

  5. What a great way to eat okra! I'm waiting for my plants to fruit! Will definitely bookmarking this!

  6. Such beautiful children! My mom's favorite vegetable is Okra, and since we grew up in Texas, we ate it a lot! Your recipe for that dip/dressing makes eating okra seem like even more fun! Thank you for sharing with us.

  7. No I don't grow it, I can barely keep herbs and carrots alive here :( Fried okra would be yummy! Try "frying" it in the oven... less grease/fat. Try them w the home made buttermilk it's soo yummy!
    ~thanks guys! It was a nice, very simple treat!

  8. There are too many people who thumb their noses at okra. I for one, love it. I would thoroughly enjoy your preparation.

    Thank you for engaging in the conversation yesterday.

  9. Great recipe! We got Collard Greens yesterday and sunchokes yesterday in our CSA....any kid friendly ideas?

  10. I never thought of having okra as a snack like this. I personally have never had it uncooked. Thanks fo all the facts--it sounds good and of course, good for you too!

  11. Ya know, I've Never steamed okra--thanks for the great idea!

  12. Lazaro`tis a sad thing when a veggie is dissed!
    and no problem, thx for keeping it real, tis why I dig your blog! That and the fact that your recipes are how I used to cook pre-kids and still attempt. ;)

  13. Jessica~ Collard Greens happen to be one of my fav veggies!
    Try chopping them into small pieces, saute in GrapeSeed oil, aqueeze a bit of lemon juice (most kids like tangy) and top with toasted pine nuts and golden raisins.
    Also, our fav: Chicken and rice bowls: Chop C.G. into small pieces, saute and then mix into rice with chicken. Top w Tamari/soy sauce.
    Add to pasta or eggs, make an Au Gratin with potatoes and Collard Greens....
    Good luck!

  14. Marissa~ I suppose you could eat them raw, but these were steamed for just 2-3 minutes. ;-)

  15. OH man! If I could get my kids to eat Okra. I love them, but no one else will go anywhere near. Maybe I'll have to try this. THanks!

  16. I LOVE the texture of okra and this dressing sounds like the perfect vessel for eating it!

  17. I love okra. In some regions of Romania, the okra are cooked as a meal with meat.

  18. I love okra. In some regions of Romania, the okra are cooked as a meal with meat.


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