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Easy Lunch Boxes

Have you nocticed how many great blogs there are out there with cool giveaways? I've put my name in for a handful of them and never heard anything. Maybe I should have checked back more often, I don't know. My attention span isn't what it used to be. Recently I came across a great blog called Barefoot by the Sea. This mommy has a great blog featuring fun giveaways, mostly for mommy's and kiddos. I put my name in for these cool divided lunch containers and a nice size lunch cooler from sponser,  Easy Lunchboxes and guess what? I WON! I recieved my set of 4 divided lunch containers and cooler in just a week and have been sending them to school with Jack and taking them to work with me. I love that these are heavy duty and reusable so they will save all the money and waste from sandwhich baggies. Each container fits a big sandwhich and two good size sides/snacks.  The portioned containers are generously sized and 3 of them fit into the cooler, perfect for a picnic or trip to the zoo! Excellent! I encourage you to visit Easy Lunchbox website and see all of the products which were the inspiration from a mom who knows. Also, if you're into winning great stuff, check out Barefoot by the Sea blog.



  1. Congratulations! The lunch boxes are really cool! I never have any luck with giveaways or contests either. Mostly it is the fun of joining in. If I do win, then I would consider that an added bonus!

  2. Congrats! These are just adorable! And isn't it exciting when you finally win something? I won figs earlier this month, and it made my week!


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