Simply Healthy Family: Berry-Orange Julius Smoothie


Berry-Orange Julius Smoothie

Isn't it funny what you remember from your childhood? Things that scared you half-to-death that you laugh at now. Things that you thought you absolutely, positively couldn't live without that seem so trivial in retrospect. Small things that brought you such happiness as a child so as that they imprinted a certain magic of sorts on your soul. And when you come across them years later you are flooded with nostalgic happiness. Few things bring such memories rushing me back to my childhood and Orange Julius' are one of them. We didn't get many sweet treats when I was little. A fact that I tolerated belligerently then but appreciate greatly now. A tradition that my children have begrudgingly been placed upon. Once or Twice a month at most my healthy conscience, and looking back budget conscience mother packed all four of us up and we went to the market or the mall for a sweet treat.
Orange Julius' were my absolute favorite, hands down. I could hardly contain myself as we stood in the always endlessly long line waiting for our Icy, sweet Julius treat. It's funny, back then I thought they were good for you, they were full of fruit right? Hmmmmm. Good thing I didnt' have to worry about that then.

Well , Orange Julius has long since been gone, replaced by another fad of the moment. I've been making my own various tropical smoothies and juices for my family for special treats and had all but forgotten about Orange Julius'. Then, last week, my mom handed me what I thought was our usual mixed berry-yogurt smoothie.  I took a sip........ and schazaaaam, was blasted into my childhood via my taste buds!

What was this magical concoction that has eluded me all these years? This simple recipe that brings back memories of happiness and childhood bliss. I'll tell you, and only because not only is it tear inducing delicious, but contains NO sugar! This may not mean much to you if you've never had a sugar-laden Orange Julius, but let me tell you, it's BIG TIME!

Berry-Orange Julius Smoothie 

1 cup mixed frozen berries

2 cups non-fat, plain yogurt

1 ripe banana

1 tablespoon Flax Meal ( ground, toasted flax seed)

3 small pieces frozen orange peel 

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Combine all ingredients in blender and blend on high till smooth. That's it! Simple, yummy happiness!!

Frozen orange peel is the key ingredient, vanilla too I guess. I've been giving my mom a hard time for peeling and saving orange peels. She gives a small amount of them to my kids as snacks occasionally and boasts that they contain super levels of vitamin C and antioxidants, only found in the peel. My little ones chomp them up to my amazement and now they have found an even greater purpose as far as I'm concerned!



  1. I love adding flax meal to my smoothies and cereal concoctions. It adds so much nutritional value to your smoothie! I use to order an Orange Julius whenever I went to the mall...this post brought back some memories for me. Thank you for sharing!

  2. This is awesome! You and I sound like we came from the same family. My mom was the same about sugar and when I got an orange julius (at the local mall of course) it was a HUGE treat! ALso one of my favorites.

    I'm always looking for good smoothie recipes, because I get pretty bored with them and fast. What I love about this is the orange peel! I love anything with orange. Such a great idea. If I have some yogurt in the frigde, I'm going to be mixing one up this morning. thanks Gwen!

  3. Hi, I'd just like to say that I've given you a mention on my blog as part of the "One Lovely Blog Award." I truly enjoy reading your recipes, and so I invite you to read about it on my latest blog post.

  4. Yummers! We have a Orange Julius in the mall near us. Everytime I walk past, I remember as a kid yearning for that special treat everytime we went to the mall.

  5. I love reliving food from my childhood. Although sometimes I feel like it tastes better in my memory than in real life.

    I'm so glad that wasn't the case for you! These look awesome!

  6. never thought of using the peel. i'll have to try it...we love smoothies and especially orange julius, yum!


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