Simply Healthy Family: Watermelon Morning Refresher


Watermelon Morning Refresher

I read somewhere that Jennifer Aniston drank this every morning as part of her detox diet so I thought I'd give it a try. After all, she looks amazing so this ought to do the trick for me right? ;-)  Well, I thought it sounded delicious anyway. I wake up each morning thirsty and tired and this drink was really a perfect fix for me! Watermelon is so light and crisp and the almond milk adds a bit of protein making it a wonderful, refreshing wake me up drink. I simply have this first thing in the morning and then a couple hours later have a light protein snack such as egg whites with veggies or a handful of nuts. I feel much less bogged down when I stick with this routine.

Remove rind from watermelon and chop into bite size pieces. Lay in a single layer on a baking sheet and freeze. After a few hours, I put the frozen watermelon into baggies. This way, I can stumble half awake to the freezer and just grab a bag, throw the watermelon into my blender, add some unsweetend almond milk and presto, breakfast is served! My kids love this as a snack too. Perfect summer cooler.

* Buy your watermelons from Sprouts or a Farmers mrkt if you can.
I bought 2 big seedless watermelons for only $3!  They are 1 for $5 at Safeway and Fry's.

Unsweetened Almond milk is low in calories, contains several vitamins and is lactose free.


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  1. Definatey gonna try this tomorrow morning. It sounds delicious! I just bought two ripe and ready Watermelons. Almond Milk is the only milk we buy. Thanks for the post! Angie


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