Simply Healthy Family: Frozen Berry Yogurt Pops


Frozen Berry Yogurt Pops

These are really simply to make and as a bonus, they are really healthy!
I found these cute cups and animal spoons at the dollar store.
The paper cups are easy to tear off so the pops don't break.
The cute little spoons are not only fun for the kids but easy for their little hands
to grab hold of. I wash and reuse them again and again. The boys were really excited about this one!
I made the mistake of having them help me make them right before nap time tho and neither one
of them could sleep for excitment. Every 10 minutes Nolan peeped his head out
of his room and said "Are the animal popscicles ready yet?"
After about 1 1/2 hours of this I threw in the towel and we went outside and had popscicles.
The yogurt makes them rich and creamy, not rock hard like water/juice based popscicles.
We used mixed frozen berries and sweetened them with Orange Juice.
The boys love helping. They were telling me the names of all the different berries going into
the blender. " Razzleberry, Snazzleberry, blueberry, Snoozberry, purpleberry." ;-)
They put in their own spoons and put them one by one in the freezer. What good little helpers! ;-)

You will need:

2 cups of mixed frozen berries
2 cups of plain fat free yogurt
1/2 cup Real Orange Juice
15 small dixie cups
animal silver ware

Put berries, yogurt and sugar into blender. Blend on high speed for about 2 minutes.
Pour into cups about 3/4 full. Put silver ware into cups and freeze about 2 hours, or as long as you can wait.



  1. look at those smiles! i just might try those if we ever see the sun around here. stupid rain.

  2. Michelle1/04/2012

    The directions say add sugar to blender, while the ingredient lists the o.j. and no sugar. Am I missing something?? Thanks!!

  3. Hi Michelle, thx for catching that. The first time I made them I used a bit.of sugar but I've been making them with out sugar and they are still wonderful. The natural fructose & the o.j. add enough sweetness. I took the sugar off the ingredient list but must have forgotten to remove it from the directions.


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