Simply Healthy Family: BLT's and Tea


BLT's and Tea

A Classic

Since the weather out here has been just perfect the last couple of weeks we decided to have a picnic in our back yard. I know I know, BLT's don't exactly qualify as a super healthy food, but they sure are yummy!

To make them as healthy as possible, choose Center Cut, NO Sugar Added bacon (they add sugar to everything!) You can use Turkey Bacon if you really want to, but it just isn't the same as real bacon in my opinion. We don't ever have bacon for breakfast so I don't feel so bad about it. Also, I skipped the mayo and used a good quality Dijon Mustard, Yum!

Try tomatoes on the vine or Campari Tomatoes, found at your grocery store, they have much more flavor and vitamins than the hot house and roma varieties. Use your favorite crusty artisian bread instead of packaged bread, it makes all the difference, very rustic.

I am just loving my iced teas that I've found! Especially when the weather gets hotter and I want something refreshing and full of flavor but not sweet. If you are a soda drinker you really should give iced tea a try! There are so many wonderful varieties and flavors out there! Your sure to find one you love.

My two favorites are Ginger Peach Tea by Republic of China, and Japanese Cherry Green 

Tea by Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Try your local Whole Foods Market, World Market or Sprouts for lots of variety. If you have a Coffee Bean near you, you get a FREE drink with purchase of a tin of tea! Score!


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  1. Anonymous2/04/2011

    Hi Gwen, I am really trying to get to your all natural cough control tea recipe and for some reason, it keeps telling me that the page doesn't exist? I can get to all other areas of your blog except this one. I suppose I should have printed it out and kept in my recipe book for when I needed it. My little guy is home today with a cough/cold. Thanks!


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